Letter to Editor: Concerns over Harlow and Gilston advert in Harlow Times

Your Say / Thu 23rd Mar 2023 at 10:19am

Dear Editor,

SOMETHING seems very wrong in the recent publication of the Harlow Times magazine, a misuse of public funds to mislead the electorate. The Council has allowed Harlow and Gilston Garden Town a page of misleading information in effect claiming what HGGT has said are intentions for the East Herts Development on the Gilston Estate, for example that expansion of green wedges will have any application in Harlow. 

Harlow will only get more flooding, more congestion and more sewage discharges from the HGGT development which rather than increasing our biodiversity will severely damage the ecology of our chalk stream , the Stort River Valley. The additional traffic from HGGT residents and the construction traffic will all contribute to raise levels of pollution in Harlow. 

One truth people in Harlow are passionate about community, green space and better transport which is why 6000 residents petitioned against the impacts of the Gilston estate development will have on Harlow.  

The plans and roads and transport could have been done so much better. 

Bottom line: Harlow Council shouldn’t be using a publication from the Council to back a PR campaign from private property developers. If it’s a paid for ad’ then the official publication from the Council isn’t the appropriate place when the issue is so political. 

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Editor’s Note


HGGT’s five council partnership, which includes Harlow Council, were awarded a £228,000 grant from Government for the Your Quality of Life project and the Harlow Times is a council funded publication. The resident feedback was collated by independent charity, the Quality of Life Foundation, and global sustainable design and engineering firm, Stantec. Garden Town developers were not part of the process. 

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7 Comments for Letter to Editor: Concerns over Harlow and Gilston advert in Harlow Times:

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-23 10:43:32

You don't say. No yousurprises.

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-23 10:44:22

Whoops.. ment to say, no surprises.

Angela Kurton
2023-03-23 23:02:34

I noticed that, too, and deeply resent the use of Harlow Times for the developer’s propaganda. However, most of us aren’t stupid and can see through it. We know this is not a good news story. At all. We can also see, with our own eyes, as we go about our daily business, the devastation of the tree population across Harlow. We are bearing the brunt of the damage for this so-called “garden town”. All day today I have struggled to concentrate on my work due to the constant screaming of the chainsaws in the town centre. Reality is hitting home. Shame on every local politician who supported the HGGT project and sold us down the river. Who sold the river itself. Every single one of them needs to be voted out. We need a completely new suite of representatives, and we need decency and integrity going forward.

Edward Vine
2023-03-24 01:04:15

Looking at the article and the footnote YH has provided is that the data gathered by the Quality of Life Foundation clearly has absolutely nothing to do with hggt pfp Gilston Estate development but hggt pfp is hijacking the findings about the feelings and pride people, residents about the town's history and claiming it has something to do with a East Herts Council housing project that will impact badly on Harlow. The point seems to be being made is that Harlow Councillors are complicit in the association of two different unrelated things, PR from the developers ie Naisha Polaine Chief Executive hggt,and our feelings about Harlow from Harlow Council and our public expense. The developers may not have taken part in the process of data gathering but it's extremely clear by the headline and the input of hggt's lead that they are very much involved in this disgraceful and misleading association.

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-24 09:43:45

Angela, Edward, you are both spot on.

David Forman
2023-03-25 22:21:15

This line about using the Harlow Times for "political purposes" has been used before. I remember the Tories whining incessantly about the last Labour administration from 2012 onwards using the Harlow Times to spread propaganda. The answer to that is got off your butt and deliver some leaflets to counter their propaganda. Better still, work really hard and become the next administration!

David Forman
2023-03-25 22:41:52

Ahh, the chainsaws! 'I love the smell of two-stroke in the morning. It smells like victory.' A reinterpretation of the Robert Duval napalm scene in Apocalypse Now. Harlow and Gilston Garden Town is just as devastating to the environment. Perhaps the acronym should be changed to HGAN? https://youtu.be/Jts9suWIDlU

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