Local Elections: Harlow Green Party set to fight in every ward in town

Politics / Wed 5th Apr 2023 at 12:22pm

HARLOW Green Party are pleased to announce that they have a candidate standing in every ward in Harlow.

Co-Chair and the candidate for Mark Hall, Jamie Gilbert said, “For the first time ever, every person eligible to vote in Harlow has a choice to vote for a fairer, greener community by voting for a Green Party candidate.  We are concerned, however, that the requirement to have a Voter ID may have a negative impact on our democratic right to vote and even less people will vote than before.”  

At the local election results on 5 May 2022 the Green Party increased the number of seats by more than a fifth and now have over 550 councillors in 166 councils across England and Wales.

The Green Party is in control or part of the ruling administration of councils in many parts of the country including Brighton, York, Lancaster, Hastings and Sheffield, and are the official opposition in others.

Yasmin Gregory, Co-Chair and the candidate for Old Harlow was very pleased with the Harlow Green Party results last year.  “Between 10 candidates covering 11 wards, we managed to secure a respectable number of votes throughout the town.  I would like to see every person who is entitled to vote in Harlow, to use their vote.   It is important that the people of Harlow have the opportunity to have their voices heard and know that a Green Councillor will speak for them.”

The candidates for 2023 are:

Bush Fair: Jennifer STEADMAN

Church Langley: Bengeman WHITE

Great Parndon: Paul KING

Harlow Common: Nathan EGERTON

Little Parndon &
Hare Street: Klara BOW

Mark Hall: Jamie GILBERT

Netteswell: Kim O’CONNOR

Old Harlow: Yasmin GREGORY

Staple Tye: Gareth WILLIAMS

Sumners &
Kingsmoor: David MARGETTS

Toddbrook: Julie TAYLOR

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5 Comments for Local Elections: Harlow Green Party set to fight in every ward in town:

Adam Taylor
2023-04-05 12:57:21

Just what we want a group of people who want to tell us what we can eat, where we can travel, how we can travel, how we can heat our homes etc like covid climate change is a scam - you can tell as they cannot stand any argument, it can be solved by more taxes and poorer living standards for most and it is full of hypocrisy e.g. how often does the leader of the greens fly to the US to see her family. That is not to say we should not look after the environment but net zero and most climate matters are just suicide of the west, based of increasingly dodgy models. But again a lot of people are making money off it

james nicholson
2023-04-05 15:21:11

Adam, it might be time to take off that tinfoil hat...

David Forman
2023-04-05 23:50:13

I'll be pleased if they manage to deliver some leaflets in Sumners & Kingsmoor, unlike last year.

Jamie Gilbert
2023-04-06 08:37:24

All information regarding our vision for Harlow cam be found on our website. https://harlow.greenparty.org.uk/ Alternatively you can email your questions to [email protected].

Edward Vine
2023-04-09 13:19:39

Adam if "that's just what" you " want, your certainly getting it with the Conservatives: even after lockdown has ended.

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