Letter to Editor: Puppy smuggling and Kept Animals Bill

Your Say / Mon 10th Apr 2023 at 12:59pm

PLEASE see a letter below from Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Owen Sharp, on the issue of puppy smuggling and the delay of progressing the Kept Animals Bill

Dear Editor,

For more than a decade, Dogs Trust has been campaigning to end the cruel puppy smuggling trade to protect countless dogs from the horrific mistreatment of being illegally transported into the UK.

The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill is essential to tackling puppy smuggling, and future legislation under it would close legal loopholes that allow unscrupulous traders to import puppies, pregnant dogs, and dogs with mutilations like cropped ears.

However, despite pledging to tackle puppy smuggling, the Government is dragging its heels and has not progressed this crucial legislation since November 2021.

I am incredibly disappointed that the Government continues to side-line these critical improvements to dog welfare which could help to stop the needless suffering of animals. We are calling for the Bill to return to Parliament as a matter of urgency. This is a view shared by the 40,000 plus people around the UK who have supported Dogs Trust’s campaign and emailed the Prime Minister to ask him to progress the Kept Animals Bill.

I recently chaired a parliamentary roundtable on the issue of puppy smuggling. We were joined by 17 organisations who are on the front line of the problem, including major transport carriers, Trading Standards, and veterinary professionals as well as Members of Parliament. We all have a shared goal – to tackle the abhorrent illegal trade and do all we can to bring this Bill back to Parliament. The meeting allowed us to discuss how we can work together to tackle the cruel trade, and it was encouraging to see that other organisations are also committed to this crucial cause.

While I am pleased that we have such a weight of backing on this issue, it’s frustrating that the Government will not recognise the urgent need to progress the Kept Animals Bill. Dogs Trust remains committed to working with other organisations and will continue to rally the public for support until the Government makes good on its election promise to crack down on the illegal smuggling of dogs and puppies.

We will not give up.

To show your support for our campaign, visit: https://action.dogstrust.org.uk/page/120892/action/1

Yours faithfully,

Owen Sharp, CEO, Dogs Trust

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1 Comment for Letter to Editor: Puppy smuggling and Kept Animals Bill:

Cheryl Stringer
2023-04-10 14:24:36

The goverment needs to step up and stop this importation of illegaly smuggled puppies who are took from their mothers to soon and also of pregnant bitches. It is so cruel and needs to stop. Its time the goverment stoped dragging their heels and prevented these vile dog smugglers from such an abhorrent crime. These vile individuals dont care about the welfare of the poor innocent puppies/dogs and these animals are suffering. The justice system against animal cruelty is a joke and always has been and all animals need so much more protection and much tighter laws should be in place. Its time for change and is so long overdue. There is no place for animal abusers and this importation of iilegaly smuggled dogs has to end.

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