Letter to Editor: Resurfacing of roads is a cynical political ploy

Your Say / Wed 12th Apr 2023 at 05:07pm

Dear Editor,

I like the way that not long after my wife and I put a article on here about not paying Essex County Council their share of the council tax due to the state of the roads and footpaths in Harlow/ Essex, we receive this through our front door.

Well, tell the truth. We are sticking to our guns and none of parties here in Harlow are getting our vote.

The residents of Harlow pay for, so should be receiving a service from Harlow District Council as well as Essex County Council throughout every year not just on a build up to any elections.

So no thanks to all of them.

And to the Tory administration party of Harlow, I am disappointed with you all.

“You have turned out to be as bad as the former Labour administration party of Harlow when it comes to supplying the residents of Harlow a good service.

Dan and Anita Long

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11 Comments for Letter to Editor: Resurfacing of roads is a cynical political ploy:

Andrew Spillane
2023-04-12 17:31:54

Dan’s and Anita, I agree entirely with your perspective, that’s why I’ll vote for the Harlow Alliance Party in the local elections. I hope they have a candidate in your ward.

Alderman Durcan (Labour)
2023-04-12 18:31:54

If the MP follow his own previous broken record,its expected that he will claim yet again he has secured full funding for a new PAH by this time next year. It’s all in the timing….

william d browne
2023-04-14 08:10:09

Why, when repairing staple tye roundabout, did the council not repair all the potholes. If left they will become a lot larger and cause damage to vehicles

Darren pointer
2023-04-14 09:00:47

Why yh

Darren pointer
2023-04-14 09:05:09

I've been banned from YH comments section for simply pointing out some could use false names, democracy has sunk to a new low on YH . No doubt this will be deleted as well

David Forman
2023-04-14 10:58:58

I'm surprised Dan Long hasn't joined his old UKIP colleague Mark Gough in the Reform Party. After all, bleating about migrants is a good way of distracting the workers' attention from the disastrous state of the country while Conservative Party donors and their big business acolytes get ever richer. Maybe taxing corporations & the rich more, introducing a wealth tax and sorting out non-domicile status will mean more government money sent to local councils to fix roads and improve adult social care. Or we can pretend that it is just a matter of voting for party X, Y or Z and everything is sorted out like magic?

David Vincent
2023-04-14 11:04:13

The serious underfunding of road repairs means more than £14 billion is now needed to tackle the road repair backlog in England and Wales: https://www.highwaysindustry.com/over-14bn-needed-to-tackle-road-repair-backlog-in-england-and-wales-new-report-reveals/

Dan Long
2023-04-14 20:49:18

David Forman. What is it to do with you when it comes to my political views and what party I choose to represent or vote. I'm not voting for any of them because none of them put the interest and concern of the number one priority of Harlow first and that is the residents of Harlow.

Trevor PYLE
2023-04-16 20:41:01

We're now at the stage where it doesn't matter which party controls any council be it county or town. Systematic cuts to funding from central governmemt since 2010 have left all councils impoverished. As for our council boasting council tax will be frozen at the current rate please understand it is another way of saying what services do you no longer need? The County Council Network has said: Services that would be at risk of being reduced would be preventive children’s services and social care services, leaving councils only focusing on those in crisis. This could mean a reduction in Early Help support to families, and less preventive training for social workers. It could mean reviewing support plans for working age adults in who require adult social care, a reduction in the amount of time spent by homecare staff with individuals. Faced with £1.78bn of inflationary and demand costs in 2023-24, councils are already having to consider reducing the number of social care packages, libraries, bus routes, school transport and road maintenance budgets, but additional spending cuts would further diminish these services to the bare minimum of what they are legally required to provide. So...keep voting for a Tory government means more of the same if nor worse. Your choice.

Peter Scally
2023-04-22 12:52:30

I don't want to vote either Labour or Conservative, but could we trust any others? Conservative ECC Councillors have let us down for too long without any interest in our concerns - just their own agender of no real firm policy? Why have they not issued a time limit for completion of Highway repairs? It's worth trying new Councillors after such poor records over so many years.

Trevor PYLE
2023-04-23 14:42:04

Peter, so long as ECC remains a Tory controlled council, nothing will change.

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