Essex Police: Death of man in Bush Fair not being treated as suspicious

News / Thu 20th Apr 2023 at 10:17am

POLICE officers investigating the death of a man in Harlow are treating his death as unexpected, but not suspicious.

They were called shortly before 5.15pm on Sunday 16 April following concerns for a man in Harlow. 

Officers attended Bush Fair, Harlow, where they located a man within an industrial complex. 

Sadly, the man was deceased.

District Commander Paul Austin said: “I appreciate that this is an unsettling time for our residents, but I want the public to know that there is no wider concern or risk to the public.

“The investigation is moving ahead at pace, and we are working with the coroners’ office to ensure that they have everything they need to determine the cause of death.

“Additional tests are to be carried out, but we believe that no one else is involved in his death.

“We are not able to discuss the exact details of the investigation or name the man whilst the coronial process is taking place.

“But we are supporting the man’s family through this difficult time, and we’d ask that they are given the time and respect to grieve without speculation.”

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4 Comments for Essex Police: Death of man in Bush Fair not being treated as suspicious:

Marc wallfonn
2023-04-21 06:44:01

Why did the past comment get deleted?

Juile English
2023-04-24 12:34:50

I've been told by a friend who is in Essex police that this body wasn't stabbed or naked. Was found by children yes but natural death. So i'd like to understand why people like spotted in harlow said this body as found naked or stabbed? If the body was naked and stabbed then it would be a suspicious death. Over the top as always from spotted in harlow.

Mandy Evans
2023-04-24 16:50:40

I’ve also been told differently to what spotted in Harlow said! Embarrassing from that stupid FB page. Lying about a poor man’s death! Can’t wait till that page gets taken down! Already heard off numerous reports about the page! Let’s hope it goes!

Trevor Arnold
2023-04-24 16:54:48

I used to like that page but now I’ve seen others comment about the page I’ll be reporting them too! Fine they where reporting news off a body but too then lie about how the body was found! Shocking! The admin off Spotted is in a lot of trouble.

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