MP Robert Halfon slams opponents for “frivolous claims” over water quality

News / Wed 26th Apr 2023 at 05:46am

HARLOW’S Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon, has released a statement on the quality of the natural waterways in Harlow and across the country.

Speaking after a vote in the House of Commons this afternoon about the continued discharge of sewage into natural waterways, Mr Halfon said, “There is undoubtedly already ‘fake news’ circulating about how I voted in Parliament today on the issue of water quality and sewage discharge.

“It is unfortunate that my political opponents have repeatedly used this important issue to mislead local people, discrediting my voting record and implying that I condone or even encourage the discharge of sewage into the rivers, waterways and seas surrounding Harlow and the UK – these suggestions are completely untrue.

“I love nothing more than spending time in nature and am a passionate advocate for ensuring our natural environment is protected. Indeed, I am clear that dumping sewage in our natural waterways must be a last resort.

“That’s why I have voted in favour of:

Bigger fines for water companies who do not meet the environmental standards required, such as the record breaking fine handed to Southern Water last year.
£7.1 billion investment by water companies to improve water quality, including £3.1 billion dedicated to improving storm overflow use and reducing sewage discharge.
£1.6 billion to launch new schemes across England to build drought resistance and tackle water pollution.
Establishing the Office for Environmental Protection as an environmental watchdog to hold the Government to account on its environmental agenda.
A legal obligation on water companies to publish data on storm overflow operations in near real time (within 1 hour) of the commencement of an overflow, its location and when it will end.

“In November 2022, fines for dumping in our waterways reached an all time high. Since 2015, over £141 million has been raised through penalties against reckless water companies. New Government rules mean water companies are now required to invest £56 billion to improve and upgrade our water infrastructure and I’m pleased that fines for water companies polluting our rivers will be reinvested into schemes which serve to benefit and protect our natural environment.

“I am proud to represent a Government that is taking decisive action to tackle the quality of water in our natural rivers and waterways and hold to account the reckless water companies that fail to meet the standard of environmental protection expected to preserve our wonderful natural environment.”

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12 Comments for MP Robert Halfon slams opponents for “frivolous claims” over water quality:

geoff turner
2023-04-26 06:38:28

well done mate maybe we can all drive on these without hitting a hole

Gary Roberts
2023-04-26 07:37:05

Mr. Halfon always the victim, but never the hurt. Always those nasty people that misrepresent him and his voting record. And he always works hard for Harlow. And hopefully when he leaves office next year he can justify all those warm words and BS in an fictional book of his achievements in 13 years. You couldn't make it or will he? The first line of this, 'do you remember that note in the Treasury.......' Meanwhile many in this town still live in food and fuel poverty voted on by him!

2023-04-26 07:47:17

Its not working though is it. https://www.sas.org.uk/water-quality/water-quality-facts-and-figures/

Adam Taylor
2023-04-26 07:49:24

Rob would anything he is like politicianGPT spouting the correct line of his party no original thought

David Forman
2023-04-26 08:51:44

Perhaps the water companies should not have been privatised in the first place by a Conservative government, then we wouldn't need tough enforcement. Yet another example of the arsonist returning with the fire engine and expecting to be applauded as the hero.

Neil Warner Baker
2023-04-26 09:07:20

Sometimes you need to see things for yourself Mr Halfon. Go stand on Latton Mill bridge (CM202SE) after Heavy rain when the Sewage and road/ground drainage waters merge and cascade into the River Stort Tributary . Look at that brown stinky foam that sits there....sometime for days...then look us in the eye and say we don't have a serious problem....

Michael Szpakowski
2023-04-26 09:11:04

Like our rivers & coast, Robert Halfon is clearly full of sh*t.

Michael Szpakowski
2023-04-26 11:34:22

…and like all the Tories, peering out of the pockets of the water companies…

2023-04-26 13:41:06

Well said David Forman & Neil Baker.

Mark Smith
2023-04-26 17:55:58

Robert Halfon Voted to allow water companies to dump sewage in to our rivers https://evolvepolitics.com/heres-a-list-of-every-mp-who-just-voted-to-allow-water-companies-to-continue-dumping-raw-sewage-in-our-rivers/

Luke Burton
2023-04-26 22:38:19

The real test is whether Mr. Halfon would dare swim or bathe in our rivers and beaches. I suspect not.

Cllr James Griggs
2023-04-28 06:05:18

Mr Halfon has just announced he’s doing a sponsored swim, if he’s so confident in his claims he should take the advice of Luke Burton and swim in one of our rivers or pop across to the coast and risk one of the revolting polluted seas around the uk. The only fake news being circulated is that from Halfon himself.

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