Robert Halfon MP delivers pledge to make our streets safer

Crime / Fri 28th Apr 2023 at 09:31am

ROBERT Halfon, Member of Parliament for Harlow, has welcomed the announcement that 500 extra police officers have been recruited in Essex, with 30 new officers on duty in Harlow alone, since September 2019, bringing the total number of officers in the county up to 3,816 compared to 3,674 in 2010.

Almost 21,000 new police officers have been recruited across the country, with Conservative Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, confirming that Essex Police is now larger and stronger than it has ever been. Across the country, there are now record breaking numbers of police officers, with 3,542 more than under the last Labour Government. 

A Conservative Party press release states: “This is Conservative Party delivery in action and represents the fulfilment of a key 2019 manifesto promise. It comes as part of a wider plan of action from the Government to tackle crime across the nation. Under this Conservative Government, crime and harm are falling. Anti-social behaviour is down across Essex by 55% since 2015, burglary by 49%, and further significant reductions in theft and homicide. 

“The Conservative Government’s Beating Crime Plan will deliver a safer Britain alongside record funding for our police, with a £17.2 billion policing budget for 2023–2024. This is alongside the Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Act which is giving the police and courts the powers they need to tackle serious crime head on. The Government is also delivering its Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, backed by £100 million in funding, making our streets and neighbourhoods safer for women and girls”.

Harlow MP, Robert Halfon, welcomed the announcement, saying, “I work closely with Essex Police in Harlow and know how valuable the new officers in our town and across the county will be as we continue to cut crime, drive down anti-social behaviour and make our streets safer.

“The latest figures show that Harlow police is now bigger than ever before, with 30 additional officers joining the force in the last two years. I am pleased that anti-social behaviour is falling and burglary has nearly halved. It is clear it is only the Conservatives who can keep our streets safe, give people peace of mind, and deliver on the priorities of the British people.

“In Parliament, I have repeatedly voted to increase police powers, toughen up sentencing and ensure our justice system is fair, effective and efficient when it comes to protecting the public. Just last year, I voted in favour of a new, landmark law that strengthened police powers to tackle crime whilst increasing sentences for serious criminals, meaning they spend longer behind bars and off our streets. I will continue to work hard for Harlow and the villages to do more to ensure our streets and communities become safer as we continue to see a fall in crime rates.”

Speaking on the announcement, Home Secretary Suella Braverman said: “Everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities, on their streets and in their homes. Now we’ve delivered on our 2019 manifesto promise, with more than 20,000 new police officers. With a record 150,000 police officers across England and Wales, people can trust in the Conservatives to keep our streets safe and deliver for local areas.”

Commenting on the figures, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst said, “Essex Police is bigger and stronger than ever before. The Conservative Government has rightly brought in new crimes to protect women and girls from harm, particularly with regard to stalking and harassment and controlling and coercive behaviour. They have also toughened up drugs laws, banning previously legal but dangerous highs, to protect our young people. As the new officers are trained up and deployed you can expect to see a stronger street presence dealing with drugs and violence, as well as more dealing with fraud and child abuse on-line.”


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12 Comments for Robert Halfon MP delivers pledge to make our streets safer:

Luke Burton
2023-04-28 09:50:10

You've had 13-years and this country feels no safer.

gary roberts
2023-04-28 10:31:36

Is it election time? Must be Halfon is pushing those envelopes to the fall and failing badly. Nobody I know believes your stories anymore Mr. Halfon.

2023-04-28 10:52:22

BUT how many have left the Essex police service? The actual balance is the important number. How many joined - 30 new officers in harlow, but how many retired or left the service? This would be the important number!

Tony Edwards
2023-04-28 12:35:08

Oh Robert - first the Conservative Government cuts the Police Force by 20000, and surprise, surprise what happens crime goes up and detection rates go down. And then the same Government some 12 years later replaces them - and spins it as if it is "doing something" about rising crime figures AS IF THE SAME CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT WASN'T RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ORIGINAL CUTS TO THE POLICE SERVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Mark Gough
2023-04-28 13:13:31

Rather rich Tony. Your Party Leader was head of the Crime and Prosecution Service who worked with your last Government 1997-2010 to create early release! Furthermore, how is Crime in London under a Labour Mayor? Serious Crime is through the roof!

David Forman
2023-04-28 13:16:39

Halfon and the Conservative's strategy is to wreck public services so as to justify privatising them. The public services people care most about will be tinkered with to make minimal improvements. In return they expect a medal for putting right something they fecked up in the first place.

David Vincent
2023-04-28 13:40:49

Mark Gough can't even get Sir Keir Starmer's former employment correct. Starmer was head of the Crown Prosecution Service. Gough should know that Conservative Justice Secretary Ken Clarke was heavily criticised in 2012 for wanting fewer people sent to jail and more community sentences, even though the government's own impact assessment said could it lead to higher rates of reoffending: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ken-clarke-blasted-for-handing-out-774349

Clare Harrison
2023-04-28 15:10:35

I don’t even feel safe on the stairs outside my own flat, or outside my own front door, so good luck with that.

Clare Harrison
2023-04-28 15:16:30

“ The Government is also delivering its Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, backed by £100 million in funding, making our streets and neighbourhoods safer for women and girls”. The council can’t even move me out my flat where I’ve been threatened and harassed by men who live here, so I have no faith in that statement whatsoever, even though I would love to say I have faith in it, I can’t, due to the council not prioritising me to move when the police have been involved and I’ve got evidence. Nobody cares.

Iain Lindsay
2023-04-29 10:26:11

The usual political posturing and point scoring from the same hand-wringing cohort. There is no point recruiting further numbers of police when they are prevented from enforcing laws already in place. Currently, the police are used as a branch of social services, as evidenced by the change in name from police force to police service. If miscreants can't live a happy life without inflicting fear and misery on law-abiding people, then they should be punished severely without the usual nonsense of trying to rehabilitate them. Don't commit the crime in the first place and you won't be in need of rehabilitation.

gary roberts
2023-04-29 16:48:13

"Currently, the police are used as a branch of social services". Mr. Lindsay why do you think that is?

Andy Parker
2023-04-29 20:23:51

No-one has any faith in what you say Halfon. Bring back the monster raving looney party then you could run for them

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