Ward by ward: Is it time for the good Shepherd in Staple Tye?

News / Sat 29th Apr 2023 at 11:03am

IT was quite a shock when Labour lost to the Tories by one vote in 2018. It looked like normal service had been resumed in 2019, when John Strachan won by 101. Then the Tories won by 346 in 2021 and by 182 in 2022.

It is a fascinating ward from the well heeled cul de sacs off Commonside Road to the socio-economic changes in other parts of the area.

It is good to see Labour’s Jake Shepherd get a shot at a winnable ward. Geography teacher Jake has been busy over the past few years studying at university, as well as being immersed in a number of other civid-minded organisations.

We have a lot of faith in Jake. We feel that Jake holds the torch for Harlow’s future and understands the role a councillor has. When he uses the term “catalyst for change” you know he means it and will do his best to realise it.

The Conservative candidate is the ever-reliable John Steer. We did spot John and other Tories in Staple Tye shopping centre last weekend but apart for that it has been, how you say, low key.

We enjoyed interviewing Green Party candidate Gareth Williams last week. He may not win here but he is sure to be an asset to the party over the next few years.

Karen James is also standing for the Harlow Alliance Party. It is good to see the party expand. Our interview with Karen is coming up.

YH Prediction: Labour Hold


Result in 2022

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6 Comments for Ward by ward: Is it time for the good Shepherd in Staple Tye?:

David Forman
2023-04-29 18:35:10

A vote for Labour's Jake Shepherd is the smart option.

Bruce Downey
2023-04-29 21:05:28

Shepherds move forward at the head of the flock and the sheep follow..Baa 🐑🐑

Andy Wright
2023-04-30 09:48:38

Time for a change, vote green.

Politically homeless
2023-04-30 10:53:23

Anyone voting Tory in Harlow is proof that we need better education.

V Woodbridge-Smith
2023-05-02 22:22:12

Voted Tory last time; probably won’t do it again. Jakes got my vote this year and next!

Tom Compton
2023-05-03 05:44:43

A vote for Labour is a vote for uncontrolled immigration. We are already bursting at the seams in Harlow and elsewhere.

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