Ward by ward: New forces to be reckoned with in Old Harlow?

News / Sun 30th Apr 2023 at 11:38am

IN many ways, we don’t need to spend too long here. The Conservatives will no doubt retain this seat and Sue Livings will serve another four years.

However, all parties will keep an eye out on the figures. The turnout, the share of the vote. All this will be done with an eye for next year’s General Election.

Will the Tory vote go under 50%? Labour have a paper candidate but even so, can their vote go over 30%?

There are new communities building up in this area. That’s why there are changes to the boundaries and why all councillors are back up in 2024. Who best represents them?

And what of the Green Party? Yasmin Gregory has been (arguably) the most visible of all the candidates and the driving force behind making them a possible force to be reckoned with in Harlow.

In many ways, they have the potential to replicate the Lib Dems in Harlow over twenty years ago. We will see.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold


Result from 2022

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8 Comments for Ward by ward: New forces to be reckoned with in Old Harlow?:

Peter Scally
2023-04-30 13:21:37

If only! - The Conservatives in Old Harlow realised their Essex County Councillors have let them down. I'm thinking of the potholes (throughout the district) that are the responsibility of E.C.C. This long standing problem appears to be associated with poorly worded contracts that have no 'finish by' period so the contractor gains at the expense of residents - the voters. [Not so much a lack of money.] The same applied to damaged road signs which if they were needed in the first instance need replacing quicker.

2023-04-30 15:24:06

For the first time ever I have NOT voted for Conservative, I don't believe anything that come out of there mouths now, promises of a new hospital no progress there spending thousands on the old hospital and more promises the roads and pavements would be sorted and you never see any of the candidates walking round the old town answering questions or even asking what needs doing.

Gary Smyth
2023-04-30 15:53:28

I’d vote for her.

Tracy George
2023-04-30 23:12:34

If the folk of Old Harlow keep voting the Cons in after the last few years then they're all incredibly stupid. The cons need kicking out so they can go away, sort out the mess that is their party and perhaps there maybe something worth voting for in the future.

Neil WarnerBaker
2023-05-01 16:43:31

Great interview by Yasmine. And greatccomments above...I think we all feel let down by the Conservatives since they gained power in the town....I look around the town and it's worse...much worse..time for change

2023-05-01 20:34:54

Talking of potholes Yasmine, what's your verdict on our MPs deliverance of pothole repairs (Week commencing 3rd April 2023 - First Avenue, Edinburgh Way and the A414 Week commencing 10th April 2023 - Southern Way, Commonside Road and Paringdon Road Week commencing 17th April 2023 - Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue and the A1019 Week commencing 24th April 2023 - Haydens Road, Velizy Avenue, Abercrombie Way, High Street and Partridge Road. )

Yasmin Gregory - Green Party Candidate for Old Harlow Ward
2023-05-02 05:41:07

Dear Neil I was somewhat surprised to read about the Pothole promise from our MP and Council Leader. My surprise stemmed from the fact that whenever the subject of repairing potholes comes up, we are told that this is the responsibility of Essex County Council. I don’t believe that either of the gentlemen have powers from ECC and I am happy to be corrected on this point. That aside Neil, unless the people of Harlow vote at this local election there will be no change to how our town is being run and decisions made without sufficient consultation. The space here is not the forum for me to become embroiled in any debate. I need to be at the decision table. I urge every one reading this to exercise your democratic right to vote on Thursday and to contact the Council to ensure you are eligible to vote and have the correct ID. In my opinion, the polling card which was delivered to you at a cost should suffice. With very best wishes Yasmin Gregory Green Party Candidate for Old Harlow Ward (Old Harlow, Churchgate Street, Newhall and Gilden Park) [email protected]

2023-05-03 17:45:08

Vote Tory, vote for more potholes. Think how much you will miss the game of dodge the pothole!

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