Reform UK: The spectre of Brexit makes a return

News / Wed 3rd May 2023 at 02:27pm

THE REFORM UK PARTY have just one candidate in this years local elections.

Former Conservative councillor, Mark Gough is standing in the ward of Mark Hall.

The Reform UK are mainly populated by UKIP members and the parties offshoot The Brexit Party.

Whilst Mr Gough and Reform may not trouble the council in 2023, they may have a role to play should they have a candidate in place at the General Election in 2024.

They could easily take upwards of 4,000 votes or more which could just eat away at the Robert Halfon majority of 14,000.

Of course, a lot could happen in the next twelve months so we took this opportunity to speak to MR Gough about what the party stands for and his hopes come May 4th.

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9 Comments for Reform UK: The spectre of Brexit makes a return:

John Davis
2023-05-03 15:39:29

Don't be fooled by Reform, the Brexit party re-badged. They, along with the Tory ERG, are the people who lied us into this mess and you cannot trust anything they say. Nationally they are only polling 4% so they've started already. They are the far right, and the Brexit they want, and what they are now telling us we want though it wasn't on the voting paper, is one of no-deal and maximum economic damage. Given half a chance they will try to make things worse with policies based on their nationalistic fantasies of isolation. Think about what they promised and then what has actually happened - for every bill you pay prices are already higher than they would have been due to Ukraine and Covid: Food - Brexit weakened pound, massive new red tape, EU exporters pulling out, truck drivers unwilling to come here, delays and hassle for documents and at ports, lack of EU workers. Energy - Brexit weakened pound meaning higher costs for imported gas with electricity priced as for gas generation cost. Travel - Brexit weakened pound causing higher foreign holiday costs and meaning higher demand, and so prices, for domestic holidays. Other goods - Anything made abroad, or from components produced abroad now more expensive due to Brexit weakened pound. Loss of EU workers hitting supply, red tape and supply chain delays and loss of EU exporters all contributing to higher prices. And the Brexit costs are pervasive. I had to renew home insurance recently. The cost has increased by a third. The Association of British Insurers states on their website that insurance premiums have risen due to a rise in the cost of building materials which was due to increased import costs caused by Brexit. If you are a student, they are the reason you have lost the right to study freely in 27 other countries. If you are retiring, they are the reason you cannot enjoy the sun in Spain or Greece or Cyprus unless you are rich. If you are going on holiday, they are the reason you will have to queue at the port or airport, possibly for hours, possibly for days. If you are an EU exporting business, they are why your EU export market has dried up with your customers going elsewhere. If you are an importing business, they are why your importing costs have soared. If you are a manufacturing business, they are why your material costs have risen. But there's one business that's booming, in part due to the added Brexit costs. That's foodbanks, doing a roaring trade. Tice will be proud, though no doubt from a distance. He's wealthy enough not to have to use them, as are all of the hardline Brexiters. So let's remind ourselves of what their old leader Nigel Farage said: Daily Express 2015: "Outside the EU, Great Britain would not only survive but thrive and become a beacon of hope for other countries too." LBC Radio 2018: "I never said it would be a beneficial thing to leave and everyone would be better off." The reality? A contracting economy, a substantial loss of face in the world and the EU has never been so popular with countries queuing up to join.

Mark Gough
2023-05-03 19:46:40

The longest Comment I have ever seen which basically means "I'm a Remainer, and I am going to copy and paste some stuff to prove it!" The fact is John, things have moved on and you can't blame Brexit for everything. I could pick apart your post - but this is a Local Election about getting potholes filled, Council Tax down and providing better services to the people of Harlow than have been provided by the two big old tired Parties. Let's see what people want on Thursday for the next year! Regards, Matk

Edward Vine
2023-05-03 20:18:58

Just deliver the extra £350 million a week extra to the nhs as promised or admit Brexit is a failure.

Mark Gough
2023-05-03 21:45:52

What promise? It was suggested as an opportunity! Rather a stuck out of date record Edward! Again - let's deal with the Election at hand! Regards, Mark.

David Vincent
2023-05-03 23:43:05

The Reform Party will probably pull the same stunt as the Brexit Party did in 2019: withdraw at the last minute. So, I suggest Reform should be renamed as the Rhythm Method Party.

Luke Burton
2023-05-04 07:54:59

No thank you.

Clive sims
2023-05-04 09:47:16

I think we should have someone form a “ none of the above” party like in Brusters millions. Their manifesto could be to not take office. It would get my vote! The standard of politicians is just too low to vote for any of them. My bet is this local election will have one of the lowest turn outs on record

James Hugh
2023-05-04 23:21:16

How hilarious that these bozos think they can bring any real value, the Tories along with these guys have destroyed our economy and continue to do so with their rubbish policies. Brexit was a ploy to fill their pockets and they've done it and will keep doing it till we get rid of them.

Malcolm L. Charvonia
2023-05-27 12:07:17

Will there be a Reform candidate for Hatch End Pinner

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