Travel Alert: Traffic woes in Harlow due to crash on M25.

News / Wed 10th May 2023 at 08:20am

0900 hrs

THERE continues to be a number of traffic problems in Harlow on Wednesday morning.

Much of it stems from a collision on the M25 that has seen a number of junction closed and or lanes sealed off in both directions.

This has meant that traffic trying to get to a number of destinations is travelling through Harlow.

Meanwhile it has been bit of a challenge for traffic to get out of Harlow.

It has calmed down a bit now that the rush hour has finished but we will keep you informed.

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1 Comment for Travel Alert: Traffic woes in Harlow due to crash on M25.:

Mr. David morton
2023-05-10 13:46:31

I came past the accident on the motorway, it was very nasty, it'd just happened as the emergency service's hadn't arrived at that time, multiple vehicles involved and obvious signs that one vehicle had overturned and was back on its wheels, at one point the tailbacks was as far back as the A127, can't understand why there's so many accidents between those two tunnels as its a straight piece of road, I use it on a daily basis and there's always accidents.

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