Harlow Labour leader on resignation of council leader: “People of Harlow expect and deserve better than this Conservative council of chaos”.

News / Sat 13th May 2023 at 05:40am

THE leader of Harlow Labour has responded to the news that the leader of Harlow Council, cllr Russell Perrin has resigned.

Cllr Chris Vince said: “The resignation of the Conservative leader of Harlow Council is yet another example of the lack of unity and discipline within their group.

It seems that not a week goes by without a high profile sacking or resignation. Sadly while this turmoil goes on in the Conservative ranks it is the people of Harlow who are the ones suffering.

When the Conservatives came to power in 2021 they were quick to pour scorn on Labour’s achievements and promise the world. As yet we have seen little more than infighting and party political posturing which is very much in parallel with the national party, where changes of leadership has become something akin to an annual sporting fixture.

“The people of Harlow expect and deserve better than this conservative council of chaos”.


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8 Comments for Harlow Labour leader on resignation of council leader: “People of Harlow expect and deserve better than this Conservative council of chaos”.:

2023-05-13 08:35:54

Let them all begone the party of corruption, self confessed lier’s, tax avoidance specialist’s etc etc etc, the most corrupt government so far!!!!!

2023-05-13 09:08:11

It seems whichever Party is in power that because Councillors feel obliged follow a party line on manifestos that stem from National power bases, that are very mixed bags at the best of times, in doing so they forget that they are supposed to be represent the people from the wards that elected them. Development therefore lurches from one direction to another as the colour of the Council changes. The thing is no party ever goes into the wards and actually conducts research to find out what people need and prefer and then makes it's offer. The fundamental problem is that it's all top down, we know better derived from the power of ruling classes. The problem is the way party system doesn't work. All councillors should be independent, better supported (rather than part time workers trying to work full time in a job fitting in Council work ) and more accountable to the electorate.

Kim Oconnor
2023-05-13 09:42:32

Spot on novoman.

David Forman
2023-05-13 09:58:53

The regeneration of the town centre is the real test that will stretch whichever administration is in charge. Sime people may be wondering if inflation has whittled away the money originally bid and won from government. The difference would be filled by extra borrowing or by proceeds from commercial ventures. The future looks less certain.

Peter Scally
2023-05-13 10:49:40

I consider Novoman is correct. We need more 'public minded' Councillors not those who solely 'toe the line' of a particular party. We need those who are honest and not 'in it' for their own benefit as looks at present to be the case with too many, especially our County Councillors.Panama

2023-05-13 12:51:26

Essex tories have had dictatorial control over harlow , selling off are play schemes , aerodrome . closing pitch and put , the squire music venue and youth clubs , , seen tories sell of most of epping bishops stortford hospitals old harlow post office and police station . with over half of all police station and magistrate courts sold off to tory developer friends and funders which have had the backing brainwashed Tories who voted for this against its own interests , communities national have had there public services solod off, and still the tories have managed too over double are debt to over 2 trillion before covid , we need a ban on leas and smears in public if we want real democracy and not the current plutocracy

Nicholas Taylor
2023-05-13 13:19:21

Some two years ago the Conservative group were describing the Labour administration as presiding over chaos but quite frankly that was nothing compared to what we have seen in the Conservative administration in the last six months. Cllr Perrin has been a "dead man walking" for at least six months, the sacking of Councillors Carter and Le May and the resignation of Cllr Swords all point to a Party in disarray. David Forman makes a really good point, the effects of continued inflation on the proposed regeneration of the Town Centre must already be mounting up. The Council may need to find out where the infamous red floor pots have gone to, the Tories might have to get them back into use!

Lisa nash
2023-05-15 03:56:42

Novoman. Interesting you say about councillors doing research in there ward. I have had Chris himself knock on my door on numerous occasions in my time living in his ward and has help out me and my family greatly. If only all councillors cared as much about the community in Harlow as Chris then we would have a much better town

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