Harlow Council install hundreds of new litter bins across town

News / Thu 18th May 2023 at 05:38am

HARLOW Council has begun installing extra litter bins across the town as part of the drive to clean up the town.  

One-hundred-and-thirty-four new bins are being installed across the town. Around half of the bins are being installed now, with the rest to be put in place in June and July.

There will also be six solar powered bins that compact the litter and let the council’s maintenance company, HTS, know when they need emptying. These will be used in areas which are harder to access, for example Burnt Mill Lane by the Outdoor Centre and by the canal and will also be used in areas of heavy footfall where existing bins are emptied several times a day. 

Once the programme is completed there will be around 780 public litter bins in the town, which will be emptied by HTS. In Harlow, all litter bins are dual use meaning dog waste can be put in any litter bin, not just dog waste bins.

The locations for new bins have been identified following earlier consultation.

Councillor Russell Perrin, Leader of Harlow Council, said:

“The feedback on new larger bins being installed across the town has so far been positive and they are going to help with the battle against litter in the town. Litter damages our environment and spoils our residents’ enjoyment of what our town has to offer, so the new bins will help support the work to restore pride in our town. Although there is never an excuse to drop litter, we know more bins in the right places can help reduce the amount of litter which is dropped on our streets and in our parks.”

Councillor Nicky Purse, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, added:

“Residents have often asked for more bins to be provided that’s why it was important that we asked the public to help us identify the best place to put new bins. It is great news that the new litter bin programme is now rolling out across the town and that modern technology is going to be used to improve the speed of bins being emptied in hard to access areas and in areas visited by lots of residents.

“We know how much our residents value clean streets and green spaces, so we hope these new bins will be well used and really make a difference in cutting down the amount of litter we see on our streets.” 

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19 Comments for Harlow Council install hundreds of new litter bins across town:

Bruce Downey
2023-05-18 06:01:01

Keep Harlow Tidy 🚮

David Cox
2023-05-18 06:39:36

What’s the point of installing new bins if they never get emptied? I walked to Nichols field yesterday and the dog waste bin was full to overflowing with waste bags on the floor all arround - absolutely disgusting!

Alan the foot
2023-05-18 07:52:59

That's where Robert Halton will store plans for the new hospital.

2023-05-18 08:03:32

Great,wonderful!!! Lol, as a pedestrian i hardly have anywhere to walk as it is due to all the cars/ vans that block the pavements and when its bin day all the wheelie bins are left out on the pavements and now loads more litter/ dog poop bins that will be left to overflow. I inhale all the stench from the wheelie bins that i have to walk past. Being a pedestrian in harlow we are totaly forgot about. It is an absolute disgrace. Sort it out harlow council and please people can you leave your bins at the end of your paths if possible,which most of you can instead of right in the middle of the pathway. Not nice for pedestrians.

Kim Oconnor
2023-05-18 08:59:08

That's good, need more . But will they ever get emptied. Looks brill on service, but not so good when you haven't got enough staff to empty them, causing more of a rat problem than we have got all ready.

Lou edwards
2023-05-18 10:25:46

Harlow council need to start looking after the house they own!! Start by getting these homes they had sola panels put on the roofs and now all tenants have pigeons nesting underneath the panels, the noise, the mess and droppings is an health hazard.

Matthew Gillman
2023-05-18 10:33:52

I think this is good news.

2023-05-18 10:36:08

Will people know how to use them.

Ben Devonshire
2023-05-18 11:37:41

Where did the rubbish go watch a film - the BINema (hehe)

Darren Franklin
2023-05-18 15:09:54

Let's see how quickly they get vandalised !! Shall I open a book and start taking bets?

2023-05-18 15:10:53

Regie has gone, cllr Purse has gone so let's see what happens now

2023-05-18 15:57:11

My dogs are too short to use the poo bins, they can’t reach them. Ha ha. It is good news though as we have a real litter problem where we live and they have put one just where it is needed. Let’s hope people use them.

2023-05-18 16:25:19

All you need now is to train people to actually use a bin. Need smaller billboards by the roadsides - KEEP HARLOW TIDY, USE THE LITTER BINS PROVIDED. Emptying them regularly would also be advantageous!

2023-05-18 17:49:42

brilliant.. what about everything that is overgrown and not being cut by hts, weeds growing so high you cant walk many places anymore... looks so untidy in harlow lately very sad to see.

Mrs Livvy Newbury
2023-05-18 20:51:31

I really would like to think that people old & young will use the litter bins but for some reason a number of people find it to hard to work a few extra steps to put rubbish in the bin. I have a hedge at the front of my garden & it's constantly full of rubbish of every description. Stop being lazy & use the bins & yes harlow council empty them regularly!!

Mike Hickey (Faggot)
2023-05-19 04:56:24

If they never get emptied, what's the point in putting them around the place ?.

Harlow Gooner
2023-05-19 14:48:07

Remember you're a Womble. Good luck.

Dan Long
2023-05-21 11:17:18

If anything, they need to install more dog bins in and around the Harlow common area, such as Commonside road.

Debbie Parsons
2023-06-02 08:27:08

We need more Poo bins at the end of cycle paths on Waterhouse Moor and the surrounding area, there are NONE, I have asked for this matter to be looked into. Pls can some more bins be errected. Also Rubbish bins, there is always rubbish ie - bottles, tins on the grass areas as there are NO rubbish bins at all on our streets. No wonder people throw it on the floor, I hate litter,I pick it up daily..but its becoming a joke..Lets get something done ASAP pls. Thank you

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