Work underway on new homes on former Purford Green Junior School site

News / Tue 30th May 2023 at 03:39pm

WORK is underway on the construction of new homes at the site of the former Purford Green Junior School in Little Brays, Harlow.

This new development, which is being brought forward by Essex Housing, Essex County Council’s development team, will feature 35 new two, three, and four bedroom homes.

All homes will have an EPC A rating thanks to the use of air source heat pumps and solar panels, and will include electrical vehicle charging points.

The development will also include a woodland walk as well as the retention of oak trees to enhance the open spaces that will be created as part of the development.

Dubbed ‘Oakview Walk’, the development received planning consent in June 2021, and Marfleet & Blyth was awarded the contract to construct the new homes in January 2023.

Homes will be available to purchase off-plan next Spring with completion expected to follow later in 2024.

Cllr Lesley Wagland OBE, Cabinet Member for Economic Renewal Infrastructure and Planning, said: “It is fantastic that construction has started on Essex Housing’s Oakview Walk development, which will create good quality and sustainable new homes for residents in Harlow.

“This development demonstrates our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment through the use of heat pumps, solar panels and electrical vehicle charging, as well as creating well-designed homes and neighbourhoods that Essex residents can be proud of.

“This is a key milestone for the project and I look forward to seeing the scheme progress and welcoming residents into their new homes next year.”

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5 Comments for Work underway on new homes on former Purford Green Junior School site:

Kim Oconnor
2023-05-30 19:39:02

How much are they going to be.?? Are they council.?? Are you aware we have 5,000 on waiting list, that could not afford them . When are you going to build for people and family s that desperately need homes.

2023-05-30 21:40:53

Kim O'connor save you breath, they're not interested, more under the table shady deals being done by the brown envelope brigade.

Tulip Tattsyrup
2023-05-31 06:35:29

More homes for more outsiders and yet many more cars and vans. Someone in the council needs to walk around harlow in the late evening and look at the state of the car and van situation, it is horrendous and dangerous. Cars and vans parked absolutely everywhere and anywhere including totaly blocking the pavements. Its a disgrace.cllr lesley wagland says its fantasticthat construction has started, does she even live in harlow on a housing estate? Hsrlow will never ever be the lovely town it wasbecause it has been totaly ruined,so no matter what fancy words you may use to describe these ugly new builds and all this regeneration crap, the truth isits all about money and greed and all these developers and councillors etc are laughing at us residents here in harlow. You have turned the town into a vile concrete jungle and you have not made anything better and you never will because the damage has been done. You are all disgusting and you have trampled all over long term residents born and bred. You have nothing to be proud of and i see that garlow is the 2nd worst place to live in essex. I rest my case. All this constant building of new homes is just about greed and greedy people are vile shame on you all.

Harlow resident
2023-05-31 07:21:40

They've been drilling making horrendous noise next to the school while the children took there exams, totally wrong distracting the kids then the school will get blamed for low grades not impressed at all , also its so busy like any other school with the roads when school day ends , more houses more cars right next door to Purfurd Green school totally ridiculous!

View from Afar
2023-05-31 13:21:48

Didn’t Dan Swords say he’d lay down in front on the bulldozer in a Batman outfit? Then resigned as deputy leader of the council and now he’s the leader!

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