Harlow Labour leader expresses concern over fire at Terminus House

News / Mon 5th Jun 2023 at 07:03am

THE LEADER of the Harlow Labour group has expressed his concerns over the fire that took place at Terminus House in the town centre at the weekend.

Councillor Chris ViNce said: “Reports of the fire at Terminus House are hugely concerning and we send out our deepest sympathies to all those involved and hope that no one was too badly injured or effected by what has happened.

There must now be a full investigation into exit routes and a review of the entire fire safety plan given the comments of residents impeded in trying to evacuate the building.

Harlow Labour Party will be calling on the council, the town’s MP and other stakeholders to ensure owners of terminus house do this without delay.

Harlow Labour has always been critical of office block conversions, brought about by a change in govt legislation, and wish to see urgent safety checks in all other accommodation of this type in the town.

It is vital that residents have confidence in their ability to evacuate in a safe and speedy manner should the need arise. The owners of these properties have a legal duty to maintain safety standards and to check them regularly.

“It is essential that these checks are carried out forthwith in the light of this terrible incident”.

YH is awaiting a statement from Harlow Council and Caridon Properties.

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2 Comments for Harlow Labour leader expresses concern over fire at Terminus House:

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-06 08:48:47

This was not built for accommodation.

Michael Patrick
2023-06-06 16:09:42

This was a very distressing event for the tenants. We should never be in this situation. Over crowded expensive( mostly paid by benefits) poor housing. These permitted developments Never designed for tenants and fire safety has to be questionable. This is the legacy of 40 years of Neo liberal ideology .only around 25% of sold council homes not replaced. We are losing more through gentrification/Demolition than are being built. These tenants should be in affordable council homes. Building council homes has been proved sustainable socially environmentally and financially. Creating jobs in many fields.Harlow Defend Council Housing.

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