Owners of Terminus House issue statement on Saturday’s fire

News / Tue 6th Jun 2023 at 12:19pm

THE OWNERS of Terminus House have issued a statement following the fire at the town centre tower block on Saturday night.

A spokesperson for Caridon Property said: “On Saturday evening (3 June 2023), a fire started in the bin area below Terminus House. This is external and separate from the building and accessible to other patrons from across the street and adjacent building.  

Emergency fire procedures were immediately actioned, with staff and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue on site within minutes enabling the fire to be extinguished swiftly.

Due to the construction and design of the property, there is a ‘Stay Put’ policy in place, as per the Fire Risk Assessment, to keep residents safe and give fire crew easy access to corridors and stairwells, however some residents chose to evacuate.

The fire crew checked the whole building to ensure the fire had not spread and that the building was safe. Ambulance crews were also onsite and fortunately no one required hospital treatment. 

We acknowledge that this was a very distressing experience for residents, and want to reassure residents that a full investigation has commenced with relevant CCTV footage passed to the police as part of their investigation.

As with any serious incident, a further fire risk assessment of the building will be carried out to ensure residents’ continued safety. We intend to reinforce and share the fire evacuation plan with all residents per floor.”

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4 Comments for Owners of Terminus House issue statement on Saturday’s fire:

Luke Burton
2023-06-06 16:53:07

We all know what happened to Grenfell residents who followed the 'stay put' policy...

2023-06-06 20:20:05

The stay put policy didn't stop the smoke entering our flat under a 'fire door'! So we were supposed to stay in there and breathe it all in? How is that better than trying to leave and breathing fresh air so we wouldn't fall ill? If they want to enforce a stay put policy then maybe they should make the flats/flat doors fire safe... Nevermind that that they haven't even cleared the remnants of the fire yet, I mean we are 4 days on now!

2023-06-06 20:40:10

As for the fire being in a separate area to the building, it’s an area that is owned by Caridon property which sits directly underneath the building, the bin area should only be accessible to tenants & not the general public. It is also an area which is a few feet away from the exit door & next to a dumping site for unwanted furniture,mattresses & electrical equipment which all sits there for weeks before anything is removed. All were just thankful that the emergency services were on the scene very quickly & a major incident was avoided.

Guy Flegman
2023-06-08 09:20:03

You thought it was a good idea to put people in a building with all the flammable stuff( cars/rubbish etc) stored underneath it. What could go wrong

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