Quasar launch charity raffle to say thank you to Great Ormond Street Hospital

Charity / Tue 6th Jun 2023 at 10:30am

THE QUASAR team in Harlow has started a fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital on behalf of a former colleague who wants to say thank you to the hospital.

A spokesperson said: “Our fundraiser is a raffle costing just £1.00 a ticket, but with a prize every time so no entrant is left disappointed and are rewarded for their generosity. 

“We have been purchasing toys, books and games from local charity shops since January in preparation for this (including British Heart Foundation in the town centre and Barnardo’s in Church Langley who have both been wonderful!)

There are 20 numbers to be selected from the blind bag, 10 of these are gold (for a main prize) and 10 of these are black (for a minor prize), so they are good and fair odds.

All of the money raised will be going to Great Ormond Street Hospital, we have a sizeable goal of £350.00 to be reached, so any publicity would be greatly appreciated!

Our end date is indefinite as we want to continue the raffle until every single prize is won (and we have nearly 450 of them so far!), but will most likely conclude the fundraiser at the end of the summer holidays so we are able to donate the money in time for September if not all prizes are won.

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