Letter to Editor: Sort out the potholes on Tumbler Road!

Politics / Fri 9th Jun 2023 at 08:08am

Dear Editor,

I READ with interest the tweet you shared from Cllr Russell Perrin in which he shared his ecstasy at the resurfacing of First Mandela Avenue that he claimed in January 2023 “would take place immediately”.  

Whilst our MP and the Head of Highways at Essex County Council may share Cllr Perrin’s ecstasy if he thinks the joy is universal, he may discover there is a hole in his thinking. More than one in fact!

In Spencers Croft it is all but impossible to move around the estate without going over, or rather going up and down, the craters formally known as potholes. To be slightly less parochial the choices on Tumbler Road are how you dodge the potholes without mounting the kerb on one side or swerving into the wrong lane on the other. There are accidents happening and accidents waiting to happen. Getting from Southern Way to First Mandela Avenue has become an escapade worthy of Captain Chaos and his Cannonball Run companions!

I am aware that there is the “promise” of more work on our highways to follow, but as Essex County Council went on the record in December 2022 saying, “filling potholes is not a priority”. In addition, given that ECC’s approach appears still to be to wait until a hole is big enough to plant a begonia before it receives attention (ignoring neighbouring holes that are only suitable for bedding plants!) – such promises sound hollow indeed.

Yours faithfully

Ian Beckett


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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: Sort out the potholes on Tumbler Road!:

Peter Scally
2023-06-09 20:13:47

I spoke with our MP last September regarding the Highways problems throughout Harlow. Then in April this year he kindly offered to write on my behalf to ECC and expect he has yet to have their response. Meanwhile there are numerious demolished road signs where the posts remain on the ground eight months later. Today I have told our MP that I consider senior staff at ECC Highways may have hoodwinked the Councillor responsible for the long term problems (of potholes, damaged road signs & faulty street lighting). In March 2022 I emailed this Cllr. saying "Over recent years my personal experience is that the present contract/s are not fit for purpose, due to no timeframe being included". However, in May 2022 I said "There is no doubt action needs to be taken within ECC to improve the overall TIMEFRAMES for repairs to be initiated faster" (after being reported). "Can you please tell me what measures your team propose to alleviate the delays." I have no record of a response to this.

David Forman
2023-06-10 18:47:03

Not Cannonball Run, Ian. I prefer to describe it as Wacky Races!

Daniel Bayford
2023-06-11 06:39:39

Essex highways are not fit for purpose and need total reform along with our council just before the local elections they went around spray marking potholes so we thought they would be repaired and they need respraying because surprise surprise they are still not fixed

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