Harlow Greens hear from PAH boss regarding future hospital plans

News / Sun 18th Jun 2023 at 01:57pm

THE HARLOW Green Party welcomed the Director of Strategy at Princess Alexandra Hospital. Michael Meredith, to the monthly meeting.

The Green’s guests are not there in a political role but more to inform them about how their organisation is shaping the future of the town.

A Harlow Green spokesperson said: “What an absolute honour to have Michael Meredith as our guest speaker.

“It was fascinating to hear first hand the plans for the new build and to be privy to the details of the of the layout of the new hospital which will provide a smooth transition for the continuity of care for the patients.

“We are all looking forward to seeing these plans come to fruition in the future”.

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9 Comments for Harlow Greens hear from PAH boss regarding future hospital plans:

Mark Lavender
2023-06-18 14:55:40

Pragmatism is the watchword for Harlow Greens for now. Should the plans come to fruition, maybe this will lead to a different Green policy, repent at leisure? Once the Hamstel Road site has been sold off, the hospital won't be returning to Harlow.

David Forman
2023-06-18 15:06:53

Nice to hear that the new hospital is to be built at Junction 7A where there is enough space to build a medtech campus and provide adequate parking for staff and visitors. It will also mean residents living close to the existing OAH will not have their sleep disturbed by the air ambulance. There will be bus services to the new hospital. This is because there will be a lot of people wanting to travel there and bus companies like to make a profit, so they they will lay on new bus routes.

2023-06-18 16:54:56

Given this is being built with tax payers money, can I suggest that there no longer be any car park charges?

Mark Lavender
2023-06-19 07:50:53

On the occasions when it is deployed - thankfully not often - I am sure local residents do not mind their sleep being disturbed potentially if someone's wellbeing is at risk. It is only night time half the year. Weather conditions play a part in its overall effectiveness, too.

Jennifer Steadman
2023-06-19 18:36:03

It truly was an incredible meeting with Michael Meredith & we thank him sincerely for his time. We have been inviting local community groups to our meetings to learn more about their services. We have had some incredible guest so far this year from Streets 2 Homes, Mind in W. Essex & a BSL teacher & we have some very special guests booked for our next few meetings so if anyone would like to come along, you'd be most welcome. Please send us a message via our Facebook, Instagram page or website for further information & details. Thank you 🌿💚🌿

Trevor PYLE
2023-06-20 08:08:00

“It was fascinating to hear first hand the plans for the new build and to be privy to the details of the of the layout of the new hospital which will provide a smooth transition for the continuity of care for the patients. .........that's nice. When is this information going to be shared with the rest of us?

2023-06-20 08:58:35

However you dress it up Harlow Hospital is moving 4 miles out of town. Many who staff live next to the current site will now have to travel, buy a car or rely on what will degenerate into poor bus services, ontop of gruelling 12 hour shifts. A new bus station next to the current site is already coming, why waste public money building a new one in Epping district at the hospital? All the trade that's generated in the town cente from outpatients, visitors and staff will be gone and the new hospital will cater more for Epping than Harlow because it'll be in Epping District (who wiil decide bus services). There's enough space to have begin building yesterday on the current site rather than us have to wait who knows how many years for the completion of what will be a smaller hospital. As for the whole plan, more car travel, more congestion, more pollution on route to j7a because of this and the environmentally and ecologically devastating Eastern Crossing, it's definitely not GREEN. The Chair of PAH pulled a similar trick on the residents of Hemel Hempstead by moving their hospital out of town, they weren't and aren't at all happy. On top of all this the move is out of kilter with the coming East West major light rail project from Hemel Hempstead via Harlow to Stansted, one of the main principal tenets being that PAH is in Harlow town centre. As said whichever way you cut it, this move rather than starting a build on the current site, isn't good news for Harlow.

Mark John Lavender
2023-06-20 10:59:20

I had forgotten about the HERT scheme Hertfordshire County Council are (were?) trying to promote solely. I find the communication between the various councils very much lacking. I think I raised this previously - Essex County Council and Harlow Council should make an attempt to educate themselves of these schemes if not bulletin the community with updates. It goes further than not consulting neighbouring councils. Harlow Council's unilateral move on renaming Fifth Avenue has left the brand new bus signs down by Harlow Town station with the original name still on them. No consultation again. Small things I know, but the companies who run and maintain the bus routes and published timetables along there - along with the new mooted 414 tram - and their passengers do not need this added confusion.

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-23 09:59:33

Nosradamus, I agree with you.

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