Planning bid for home in Kingsdon Lane submitted to Harlow Council

News / Sun 18th Jun 2023 at 09:38am

PLANS for the erection of a detached dwelling in Potter Street has been submitted to Harlow Council.

The location is 14 Kingsdon Lane which sits on the border of Church Langley.

There have been a number of responses both for and against the proposal. (full details in application).

This means it may well go forward to the planning committee.

Applications in relation to this property have been submitted before.

Full details can be found at www.harlow.gov.uk

Search for HW/FUL/23/00228

For the application

I would like to say that planning permission should be granted, there are not enough housing in Harlow as it stands now,

This is a large plot to create a lovely home for a family with children etc, and still has plenty of green space with it,

The plot as it stands now is so overgrown and not being looked after by any of the community and is an eyesore from the road and foot path,
There is plenty of space for this project despite the many objectors there are that just don’t like change,

Church Langley is slowly becoming a very negative area when it comes to home owners wanting to improve their properties or building additional projects, with many objectors out of the blue just objecting because they can even when it does not effect them

Against the application

The reason I object are as followed –

Traffic/ pollution – traffic, pollution and parking are already a big problem in church langley allowing more houses to be built will add to this problem. Schools – our local schools are already over subscribed with children living in church langley forced to go to schools outside of their catchment area, meaning some parents must drive their children to school, increasing the volume of traffic and pollution. Allowing more houses to be built will add to this problem.

NHS services– our local GP and dentist services are already very busy and have long waiting lists and waits for appointments and do not have the staff or facilities for added demand that will come with allowing more houses to be built in church langley.

Wildlife – there is well established thriving wildlife living on this land.

There are already many houses being built in Harlow, with the expansion of Newhall and recent completion of Gilden Park to name a few, no more homes in my opinion need to be built in Church Langley, which is an already heavily populated area, on the already limited green spaces and homes for wildlife we have.

“I am concerned that allowing this house to be built will set a precedent allowing more houses to be built in Church Langley where ever they can be squeezed in which will make the above mentioned problems even worse.

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14 Comments for Planning bid for home in Kingsdon Lane submitted to Harlow Council:

Peter Liddle
2023-06-18 10:22:25

Very lazy journalism. The planning will be have an address in church Langley which isn’t clear on this post. There hasn’t been “a number of for the applications”. There has been 1 for and a “number against” so the overwhelming feeling from the community is that it is not wanted or needed for a number of reasons. The against comment: suggest “the plot is overgrown and not looked after by the community”. The plot with its over grown bushes is privately owned by the company wanting to build on it and therefore could not be legally looked after by the “community” as that would be trespassing and is probably a tactic of the company.

Jo Revitt
2023-06-18 11:37:44

Correction the applicant address is 14 Kingsdon Lane. The location for the development is an over densely populated Bellfield Gardens. I wish Your Harlow had sought out residents reactions when you came to take the photograph, from the position you were standing to the right of my drive, I am surprised I missed you.

2023-06-18 14:14:31

It seems the applicant does not care how this will affect existing residents once the building work starts. Green spaces are being eaten up by concrete and yes, Church Langley is a densely-populated estate. I hope the Planning Department refuse this application because if granted, it will set a precedent for others to do the same.

2023-06-18 16:04:31

When you look at the official map submitted to the council as well as the landscape proposals, you can see the one house being proposed is being proposed on quite a large plot. That plots proposal is to keep much of the boundary trees. Once built only 1 car space on the public road would be lost due to the new houses driveway entrance. As to impact, the largest impact on any property built on that plot is likely to be against the applicants property. The only real issue is likely to be trade vehicles being on the public road during construction. This can be dealt with by a restriction of commercial vehicles only being allowed to park on the plot during construction and not on bellfields gardens. The only other option fis or the private plot to remain as is and for those objecting to club together and purchase the plot. They could then turn it possibly into a private parking collective for the new owners. The plot is big enough that it will always see someone wanting to build on it.

Jo Revitt
2023-06-18 16:38:29

Shamus. I am intrigued how the large plant vehicles will access the plot to park on there during the build if they do not drive down Bellfield Gardens in the first place? This in itself will have a major impact on all residents of Bellfield Gardens. To my, not necessarily great knowledge, a plot of land has to be up for sale before anyone can purchase it, this is not the case, therefore not an option. The applicant will not be impacted as they live no where near the property. The property was purchased by a local property developer/ estate agent and is currently rented out, after the last failed planning application.

2023-06-18 17:07:38

Hi Jo. The access is a bit of a red herring to be honest. You could just as easily say we want all residents in Bellfield Gardens to stop ordering online shopping as it will see an increase in vans driving up and down Bellfield Gardens. If the trades are parked on the plot during construction then there is no obstruction. In regards to residents purchasing the plot from the developer, has anyone tried? If you look at the objections, you might feel that someone is trying to build a new estate instead of one house. I'm not sure if it will be built but if it is, it's just one house and on land already owned by the applicant.

Jo Revitt
2023-06-18 17:20:24

Seamus. I hardly think delivery cans for groceries and amazon orders can be compared to the size of vehicles required for the build of a four bedroom property, and all the required utilities! As for trying to ourchase the land, I have no idea. However I for one, would not condone a perfectly wildlife friendly coppice being purchased to turn it into a 'parking lot'.

Luke Burton
2023-06-18 19:02:46

Let the good pseudo-Surrey residents of Church Langley Village battle it out in a duel like gentlemen.

Ron Darling HuTH
2023-06-19 07:00:21

Some of the concerns on the Harlow planning site are typical first world problems of selfish people. One complaint states he already has 4 cars from his 3 bedroom household, and is worried that a 4 bedroom house would bring between 2-5 more cars and he’s now worried about pollution at his property. Also the same person complains about human rights issues. Please seriously think about how stupid that sounds. I hope this is made in to a HMO, I reckon the people of Church Langley would be apoplectic.

Dan Long
2023-06-19 07:13:07

If this development is given the go ahead by the planning committee then these houses should be offered to the number one priority of Harlow which is, in my books, our ex service personnel and Harlow residents Who have been been on the housing waiting list here in Harlow for ten years plus.

2023-06-19 08:47:05

10 years is extremely optimistic Dan. I know people my age who have been on the list for over 20 years and I’m sure it’s higher for older people.

2023-06-19 09:01:56

I feel.we have too many new builds in Harlow our hospital Gp.s is too.small.plus schools .more traffic on ours roads .you should be planning for more trees so we can clean the air we breath .stop.all.new builds And think about us the people of Harlow. Not your pocket

Jo Revitt
2023-06-19 13:07:24

Ron Darling HuTH What makes you think that objection that you are referring to was written by a man? Please think seriously about how stupid that sounds.

2023-06-19 13:17:28

Dan, have I missed something? You said house's but the application is for just one residence ? As for harlow council's waiting lists, a better way for there to be an extra supply is when developers create an estate, they normally are requested within the plans, to provide a certian agreed amount for social housing. What tends to happen however is the developer renegages on the numbers because the fine for doing so, is less than the profit made on the sale of those promised social houses. Close that loophole and we would get what was promised. Robert, if they were planning a mass multiple build on the central greenstrip in Church Langley then yes your points would absolutely apply. What this planning application is about is just one house, on sufficient land for it to be built on.

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