The Dogs Trust: “Political games’ block crucial Animal Welfare Bill

News / Thu 22nd Jun 2023 at 08:06am

DESPITE hopes being high that the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill would finally start to progress through Parliament today, when MPs faced a binding vote brought by Labour, it has been blocked once again with dogs and other animals the victims of political game-playing says The Dogs Trust.

This morning, Dogs Trust joined other animal welfare charities in a joint statement urging the Government to ensure the Bill could be progressed through Parliament at a critical vote this afternoon, brought by Labour using its Opposition Day debate. A positive vote could have allowed the Bill to pass as early as 12th July.

However, as there was not universal support in the House of Commons, the Bill has failed for a second time. The Bill was intended to stop crimes such as puppies and pregnant mums being smuggled into Great Britain in horrific conditions, and dogs with mutilations such as cropped ears being brought into GB for sale. 

Dogs Trust has campaigned for over ten years to stop the abhorrent puppy smuggling trade and has been urging the Government to make good on its manifesto promise to crack down on the issue.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Paula Boyden, says: 

“I can’t convey how sad we are that, despite clear backing from the public, 65,000 of whom have emailed the Prime Minister pleading with him to pass this Bill to protect animals, it’s been blocked yet again from passing through Parliament.

“While Westminster continues to play political games, dogs are suffering horrific journeys to Great Britain, often without food and with little water, to be sold to unsuspecting buyers. Dogs are having their ears brutally mutilated, sometimes without anaesthesia, which can have a detrimental effect on their health, behaviour and welfare. The practice can leave them unable to communicate properly, as dogs use their ears to express their emotions. There are all manner of crimes against animals that the Bill would be able to tackle.

“When is the Government going to put the needs of animals before political point-scoring?”

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2 Comments for The Dogs Trust: “Political games’ block crucial Animal Welfare Bill:

2023-06-22 19:28:56

Unfortunately politicians have a greater commitment to their party and power than to the electorate: it's a flaw in "De MOCK crazy" democracy.

2023-06-24 08:31:42

Shocking and shameful. These poor innocents animals will continue to suffer because of the likes of rishi sunak.These politicians are an absolute disgrace.

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