Planning application for two new three bedroomed homes on Harberts Road

General / Thu 29th Jun 2023 at 04:28pm

A PLANNING application has been submitted in relation to a property on Harberts Road in Harlow.

The application is for: Demolition of existing dwelling and the construction of two x 3 bedroom dwellings with associated amenity space and off-street parking (resubmission of planning application reference: HW/FUL/22/00474).

The full application can be found on Harlow Council’s planning portal.  


Search for: HW/FUL/22/00474

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4 Comments for Planning application for two new three bedroomed homes on Harberts Road:

Mark Wright
2023-06-30 10:10:17

Leave Hillcrest alone my grandad built that house so i suggest harlow council you LEAVE IT alone . Yes the building itself might be lost and too damaged but i'll be damed if you build ugly new builds on the land that my grandad owned before you cowboys took the planning permission away from him in 1982 . That land IS NOT YOURS harlow council and i also suggest your harlow stops getting involved in business that has NOTHING TO DO with them.

Mark Wright
2023-06-30 10:13:42

And maybe harlow council you need to focus on repairing the roads in harlow before you do anything else. Pathetic cowboys are ready to destroy a building with history but can't be bothered to sort out roads that are DAMAGING cars everyday off the week. PATHETIC from harlow council and again PATHETIC from your harlow getting involved in stuff again that has NOTHING TO DO with them.

2023-07-01 18:22:25

Mark, it would help if you directed your anger to the right place. This is a planning application so, of course, it goes through the council, but that doesn't mean that it's the council that wants to build on the site or owns the land. As far as I can see from the documents, it's a private developer that wants to build there. By the looks of it, there's been multiple applications over the years that have all been rejected so you might get your wish for it to be left alone, anyway. As for Your Harlow getting involved, I'm not sure that just reporting on a planning application really constitutes any involvement although I'm also not sure it's really newsworthy (unless the site's of some significance, which it seems to be to you so what the hell do I know?).

Ken Johnston
2023-07-01 18:31:52

Agree with you mark, many years ago i used to deliver the post to that lovely place and was a friendly gent lived there, your quite right the council should get lost .

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