‘Historic’ 15-year plan to boost NHS workforce

General / Fri 30th Jun 2023 at 08:30am

THERE will be a major expansion in training places for health staff in England, under a “historic” 15-year plan to fill NHS staffing shortages reports the BBC.

It includes more university places for medical and nursing students and a greater emphasis on apprenticeships with the first ever scheme for doctors.

A consultation on whether five-year medical degrees could be shortened by a year will also be launched.

The plan has taken more than a year longer to be published than expected.

During that time, the NHS has been beset by strikes – with the dispute with doctors still continuing.

Pay does not feature in the plan – instead, it focuses on how much training places need to increase.

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3 Comments for ‘Historic’ 15-year plan to boost NHS workforce:

gary roberts
2023-06-30 09:33:03

This announcement just confirms to me that a general election is possibly this year. Both main political parties are claiming it is their plan leaving the electorate to disbelieve both. Is it a good plan or just smoke and mirrors? My consultant suggested to me earlier this week: A plague on both their houses!

Mark Ingall
2023-06-30 13:02:04

Unless the government addresses the question of pay (NHS workers are on average £5000 worse off in real terms since 2010) then they will never reach their recruitment targets.

2023-06-30 13:20:08

I work in a office in a hospital and earn £1550( have degree ,love my job) my husband is a nurse £ 1950( degree,dedicated, all possible trainings and competent done), is that normal that full time workers earn that...?,well i dont think so.... P.S everyday short of staff ,so u do at least 2ppl job ,pluse NEVER finish on time ( no one pay for overtime) Staff are just fed up (we only have money to pay mortgage ,bills, fuel,food ets no way for savings thanks God we dont have a child) 7 nurses left from my ward last month,4 went to private, 2 went to Australia,1 to Canada They will all go ,if we will not start trating people that are workig with the respect and decent pay. Remember government rules NHS,if you fed up with NHS change government please

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