Newhall identified as domestic violence hotspot in Harlow

News / Mon 17th Jul 2023 at 12:51pm

NEWHALL has been identified as a domestic violence “hotspot” in Harlow.

This was revealed at a Scrutiny Committee at Harlow Council last week (Tuesday).

Inspector Natalie Rooney named Newhall along with Maunds Hatch (off Commonside Road) and Wych Elm (Fourth Avenue).

There are over 1870 cases of domestic violence in Harlow each year.

The meeting heard from Insp. Rooney as well as District Commander, Ch Insp Paul Austin.

Over 17% of all crime in Harlow is related to domestic violence.

  • Violence against the person and sexual offending make up the largest proportion of offences
  • 1 in 8 offences of Domestic abuse are solved
  • Domestic Abuse reports are falling – 325 less reports in last 12months.
  • 2000 reports of Domestic Abuse to police in Harlow last year
  • Victim declines to support police in around 50% of cases

There was also presentations from Harlow Council, Safer Places and Changing Pathways.

Film of the meeting is below.

We haver also provided a link to the documentation referred to.

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7 Comments for Newhall identified as domestic violence hotspot in Harlow:

2023-07-17 17:22:59

Not surprising, most people who live in Newhall are mostly likely pushed to the limits financially at the moment. Large mortgage, Cars on PCP or Leases, credit cards and overdraft maxed. Bound to put a few relationships under stress. As someone told me years ago lots of new cars and empty cupboards around there

2023-07-17 18:13:02

Maunds hatch and wych elm? Bit confusing.

2023-07-17 18:24:35

Adam, your remark about not surprised, rising mortgages etc, makes it sound like that's an excuse????

2023-07-17 20:13:10

David it was not meant to be an excuse at all, more that people are under stresses like I have never seen before economically. Then end of a long cycle which begun in the early 2000's under Blair / Brown is coming to an end and it is going to be very very painful for those over leveraged.

Newhall Man
2023-07-18 12:49:11

You must have needed somewhere to channel all that envy Adam! Glad we could be of service! Just remember being jealous of someone only brings you down, not them. Your summation of Newhall and people's financial standing though is wildly off track. Have you ever considered the average salary for those living here is wildly above the national level at all, affording them such comforts in life?

2023-07-18 19:55:16

Newhall Man I live there, I can afford any comforts I like in life as I created significant wealth and live way below my means. Just making a point that most of the people I know who are living an affluent lifestyle are really heavily in debt, living month to month with the only hope that thier salaries can keep servicing their commitments. When IR hit 6% and a lot of 2 years fixes end it is going to be carnage for many

David Vincent
2023-07-19 09:44:15

Essex Police should be considering new ways to support victims when the article says: "Victim declines to support police in around 50% of cases." Perhaps if more money was spent on early intervention with child psychologists and school nurses to identify behavioural change in children who live in violent households, then we might get to break the cycle of violence?

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