Two convicted following death of eleven-week old baby in Joyners Field

Crime / Wed 26th Jul 2023 at 03:00pm

THANKS to the work of detectives, a mother and father have been convicted following the death of an 11-week-old baby boy in Harlow in 2020.

Mother Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda was convicted of murder while father Muritala Olaiya-Imam was convicted of allowing the death of a child. 

The jury also found them both guilty of child cruelty and perverting the course of justice.

The pair will be sentenced at a later date.

Around 10am on Wednesday 19 August, 2020, emergency services were called to an address in Harlow after 11 week-old Malik was found unresponsive by his mother, Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda.

Sadly, despite the best efforts by paramedics, Malik was pronounced dead at the scene. A post-mortem found he died of a head injury. 

When questioned by police, Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda stated that she awoke at 9.30am to find her baby son lifeless in bed beside her and that she contacted ambulance immediately.

As part of the police investigation, Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda was required to provide a sample of urine for drug and alcohol analysis. Officers discovered she had plotted with partner Muritala Olaiya-Imam to contaminate her sample by mixing their urine samples. A blood sample provided by Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda identified the presence of cannabis and alcohol, placing her one-and-a-half times over the legal drink drive limit.

Upon examination, Malik’s small body had 21 rib fractures, broken wrists and his skull was fractured in two places. The injuries were indicative of shaking and a blunt impact trauma to his head.  

Expert evidence at the six-week trial confirmed that his injuries were more likely non-accidental, the majority of which were caused between two and 12 hours prior to his death. The baby’s left wrist was fractured 3-6 days prior to death.

Throughout the investigation by Essex and Kent Police’s Serious Crime Directorate, both mother and father denied responsibility for Malik’s death and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Detectives later charged Goncalves-Taborda with Malik’s murder and child neglect, while Olaiya-Imam was further charged with allowing the death of a child.  Both were charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Both parents denied the charges when they appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on 19th January 2022, electing to stand trial, remanded in custody. 

On Wednesday 26 July, at Chelmsford Crown Court, Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda, 32 and Muritala Olaiya-Imam, 36 formerly of Dagenham were convicted of all charges.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Truss, leading the investigation, said: “The death of a young child is and will always be immensely tragic and our thoughts remain with Malik’s wider family at this difficult time. Malik died at the hands of those who should have cared for him most. I hope that today’s verdict will bring some comfort to the family.

“This lengthy, sensitive investigation was difficult for all those involved. But I am proud that everyone acted with determined professionalism and focussed on what really mattered – securing justice for the death of their defenceless baby son.”

Eloddie Goncalves-Taborda was also convicted of assault on an emergency worker.

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10 Comments for Two convicted following death of eleven-week old baby in Joyners Field:

Peter wright
2023-07-26 15:53:44

I was there working next door when that happened an she came to the flat just before all the paramedics got there an was screaming saying my baby my baby I’m so sorry , new from the them that some thing wasn’t quite right then after they took the baby down stairs to the ambulance it never moved for about an hour while they tryed to revive him , there was also another baby that hey took away as well must have been twins cos the other baby was riundcabout the same age just few months then the police took them both an put them in a police car an drove of , should’ve really spoke to the detectives at the time an told em wot she was saying at that time may have helped with t there enquiry

2023-07-26 16:46:41

RIP to the poor child. JJ not the time to try political point scoring pal.

2023-07-26 17:08:52

Neither should ever see the light of day as a free person ever again.

2023-07-26 17:13:32

So so sad. The poor innocent baby. Peter Wright did you not think about talking to the police at the time? Heartbreaking that this baby suffered so much in his short little life at the hands of the people that should have loved and protected him.Hard to understand. R.I.P BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY.❤

2023-07-26 17:15:33


David Forman
2023-07-27 09:49:03

I hope the Editor will inform us of the sentences those crims get.

fed up
2023-07-27 11:28:35

bring back hanging life in prison to good for them if my dog had bite someone she would have to be put down for a bite they killed a baby bring back hanging

Steven Walters
2023-07-27 16:21:54

I hope they get what's coming to them in prison

fed up
2023-07-27 19:10:54

steven walters it a shame but it wont. they will be banged up with other child killers free medical care see a denist. tv. 3 meals a day etc

2023-07-28 10:47:46

Bring back hanging or the birch so they get beat every day so cruel rip to the little one

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