Veteran campaigner Hilda takes her No 9 bus petition to Harlow Council

News / Wed 26th Jul 2023 at 12:37pm

A NINETY-YEAR old veteran campaigner has handed in a petition against the cessation of the Number 9 bus that runs near her home in Harlow.

Hilda Cook’s petition states: “To re-instate Arriva Bus route 9 in full capacity or at least part service (i.e. mornings, late afternoons and Saturdays) for work and school children commuting, pensioners and local patrons of our town.”

After the presentation, the assembled councillors debated aspects of the petition.

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6 Comments for Veteran campaigner Hilda takes her No 9 bus petition to Harlow Council:

2023-07-26 20:30:20

Very well done Hilda you absolute legend.

2023-07-27 01:23:46

Good on you hilda 👍

Mrs grimes
2023-07-27 07:19:55

All at Manor Hatch are all behind you if we new you were doing this petition we would have gone with you ,we have done petitions before and emails and got nowhere so you get somewhere this time

2023-07-27 09:40:40

If buses went where people need to go, (GP's. Supermarkets etc) they would have passengers on them, instead of running empty. The Romford bus used to stop at Potter Street, on route, but that was stopped a long time ago. I contacted the operator a couple of times to see about having the service reinstated and, as expected, nobody had the common decency to reply. Bus operator's and MOST of their miserable drivers,' haven't got a clue, and care even less.

Dorothy Turner
2023-07-27 13:20:38

I too am in my 90s and confined to my house as the no9 bus was my life line. Thank you Arriva!!!

2023-07-27 16:40:36

Surely Arriva could at least re-route one of the No. 9 buses, so that it went around Tumbler Road once an hour. But like Len's comment, they couldn't care less.

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