Plans for regeneration of Terminus Street get down to specifics

News / Mon 31st Jul 2023 at 11:27am

THE NEXT phase of planning permission for the regeneration of Terminus Street in Harlow Town Centre has been applied for.

General planning permission (known as outlying) has been granted.

This next stage is known as reserved matters, that is to say, the specifics.

This may well go forward to the planning committee at a further date.

Application for reserved matters following outline planning permission under planning reference HW/OUT/22/00286 seeking consent for the following:

Appearance – aspects and materiality of the buildings (concourse hall and cycle hub), the canopy and the surrounding spaces which affect the way they look, including the exterior of the development.

Landscaping – the improvement of the site and the surrounding area, including planting trees, planters, screens, fixed furniture and amenities for the passengers and visitors of the new Sustainable Transport Hub and Interchange.

Layout of the proposed development– including the buildings layout, routes and open spaces within the development and the way they are laid out in relations to the buildings and spaces outside the development.

Scale – includes information on the size of the development, including each proposed building and canopy, all in line with the outline proposal.

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20 Comments for Plans for regeneration of Terminus Street get down to specifics:

A Tigerman
2023-07-31 11:39:21

what??? you cant polish a turd, to coin a phrase. It's as bleak as Gotham City at night, and twice as dangerous. Well done Harlow Council.

2023-07-31 11:56:15

ɐǝʇ ɟo dnɔ ɐ ɟo pǝɹɐɔs sı llıɥɔɹnɥƆ

Nicholas Taylor
2023-07-31 12:45:29

This truly is really a waste of public money, far exceeding anything Labour did during it's tenure at Harlow Council and that is saying something. There is absolutely no evidence that building a new bus station just a few yards from the present one will increase passenger use or that a fleet of modern electric buses will be put into service. We have a service in this town which is simply not reliable, routes that do not meet the needs of residents and uses buses which are older than the Leader of Harlow Council. A complete refurbishment and regular maintenance of the present bus station could have been done at a fraction of the cost

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-31 12:59:44

Maintenance, Harlow council, maintenance, that's all you have to do. What a waste of money.

Ferlipe Ferlop
2023-07-31 13:22:08

Even if you ignore that the last total upgrade of the bus station was only 19 years ago and was so poorly maintained that it looked like it had been built 75 years ago, I can see issues already. The 2nd artists drawing above seems to give the impression that there is a football pitches width between the shopfronts and bus stalls, This would be a wrong assumption to base a plan on, let alone millions of pounds. An 80 bike capacity bike shed might work in Cambridge, Oxford or Amsterdam but would be a waste in Harlow.. Take a look around the current bike stands, hardly any are used due to the regular bike thefts in the town. It's time for our council to be honest about what harlow is, what it needs and to stop being impressed by pretty drawings and companies who want millions of taxpayers money. How about spending some money on what it needs, more police in the town centre and free parking?

2023-07-31 14:51:03

I dont use the buses, however I do walk through the terminal to get to the shops (what shops are left!), wouldnt it be better to spend the money on lowering the rents and rates so that shops can stay open for business? And maybe repairing the walkways throughout the town (I was going to say potholes, but I didnt want to get moaned at).

Bruce Downey
2023-07-31 16:42:53

Miserable comments from the usual suspects.. 🥱🤓👴

Nicholas Taylor
2023-07-31 17:47:05

So tell us Bruce, what is your opinion of the Council spending millions of pounds of public money (again) on a new bus station? The number of people making comments on yourharlow about what is going on in the town is encouraging, for far to long Harlow Council and it's councillors have just gone on and done what they like and any consultation has just been a tick box.

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-31 19:22:42

Bruce Downey, Al ways makes a sarcastic comment, with out actual saying anything..... must mean we are all right then.

Andrew Bray
2023-07-31 19:54:42

Proper security for bicycles will encourage more use of cycles. Just metal bars to chain-up bicycles do not work, canopy or not.

James Shaw
2023-07-31 20:21:00

I honestly do think this is a waste of public money. Not only do you have the cost to build the new bus station which there is no evidence that it is needed, There is also a lot of other costs associated with the new terminus, I.e changing the road lay out as the new bus station will be the opposite way round to what it is now so buses will enter from were barcleys bank used to be and will exit up by the police station. The change to dual carriage outside the collage to a single carriage way increasing in traffic and congestion on the roads in the immediate area. Not to mention that the bus station that is currently there has still never been finished 19 years later as the top end was never done as the council run out of funds last time. It is good to see that funds are being spent in the town but there are more important things that need to be looked at first

2023-08-01 04:45:33

Excellent news. Keeps the homeless under one roof. Needs plenty of litter bins for the yobs to kick about. Druggies have somewhere to shoot up. Let's hope there's buses that will use it. If the new building brings a smile to the residents of Katherine's, start building now.

2023-08-01 06:30:10

Just finish something! Town centre looks like it's been bombed ( not a bad idea really)

Bruce Downey
2023-08-01 08:01:11

These negative comments are from wannabes, have never used and never will..🤬

Dan Long
2023-08-01 08:15:40

This is nothing to do with the purpose redevelopment of the bus hub. All would like to know is, when/if they do build a new bus hub, are theybgoing to put clock in there. The current one, tells you the time of when the buses are due but there is nothing that tells anyone the exact time.

2023-08-01 08:59:22

Be a good idea to get a good bus service first, that run on time and NEVER get cancelled without warning

Alderman Durcan
2023-08-01 11:10:39

Yet another broken promise as the Tories made a clear statement that work would be starting soon,that was 2 years ago…

Caroline Phillips
2023-08-01 11:18:13

I left Harlow years ago and was shocked on a recent rare visit. All the new development on the edge of town and no shops. The bus station has always been appalling, so throwing money at it will not make it right. Just somewhere for the yobs to hand out and destroy.

Guy Flegman
2023-08-01 15:06:36

Why do we need a bus station? Most towns do not have bus stations now days. At best they have an extended lay-by near their town Center. Can’t we have one of those? It would save a few quid.

James Leppard
2023-08-02 07:06:43

Judging by the achievements of the last Labour administration with regards to regeneration, in their case, the concept of "soon" ,as mentioned by Alderman Durcan, clearly meant NEVER. A shower of an administration unworthy of Harlow.

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