Praise for Harlow council’s work restoring historic features in Mulberry Green

Communities / Wed 9th Aug 2023 at 08:28am

AN historic directional signpost, plaque and ornate fencing which have stood for more than 100 years in Mulberry Green have been restored back to their former glory by Harlow Council. 

The signpost, which has been completely restored, points to Bishops Stortford, Cambridge, Chelmsford and Hatfield Heath. It was installed as part of Harlow’s original road system before the new town was built and has stood in Mulberry Green ever since.

A plaque and ornate fencing around an Oak tree dating back to 26 June 1902 to mark the coronation of King Edward VII have also been carefully restored, and so has a bench and plaque in memory of Doctor T M Day dating back to the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935.

The restoration has been welcomed and praised by residents living in the area.

Jackie Nash said: “I am delighted with the restoration work carried out on the signpost and the commemorative plaques and would like to thank the council for helping to preserve the history of Mulberry Green.  I have been watching the craftsman at work over the past few weeks and the whole project has been carried out to a very high standard.”

Old Harlow Ward Councillors, Joel Charles, Mike Garnett and Sue Livings, have also welcomed the restoration project:

“Our community has a rich history that pre-dates the 1947 new town designation. Generations of Old Harlow residents have seen a significant amount of change. Despite the decades that have passed, Old Harlow has never lost its historic character. It is a privilege to represent and work to preserve the features that make this corner of the town so special.

“This restoration project in Mulberry Green continues the longstanding commitment by the council to maintain the physical fabric of Harlow’s history. A project aimed at preserving more than 100 years of history is a worthwhile investment in our community.”

The work was funded by Harlow Council’s estate renewal fund programme. There are plans to replace many more road signs around the town as part of the council’s priority to restore pride in Harlow. 

The signpost, coronation plaque and fencing were restored by specialist sign writer J L Gregg Signs, based in Sawbridgeworth, and the bench by J Nicol Restoration, based in Sheering.  

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10 Comments for Praise for Harlow council’s work restoring historic features in Mulberry Green:

geoff turner
2023-08-09 08:41:04

nice how about restoring the potholes back to road just past the sign

2023-08-09 08:49:29

Truly pathetic, you're supposed to keep things in order. This doesn't merit praise. You get paid loads, now earn it.

Richard Adams
2023-08-09 09:27:40

I do feel sorry for the council sometimes it seems no matter what they do people find something to moan at. Yes we could all criticise the council but let’s celebrate some of the positive things they do as well.

2023-08-09 11:38:48

So happy to read this story and the plaques and the lampost look beautiful. Crafty little dig at Harlow new town in there,obviously Old Harlow will have far more history because it has been there far longer. Obviously.

2023-08-09 14:17:53

Yes well done HDC on this 👏 . 100 year old sign they don't make them like they used to. To see this removed and the history dissappear would of been such a shame.

2023-08-09 15:23:24

Very nice. Shame that they don't look at the disrepair in All of Harlow. Just saying.

Sue Read
2023-08-09 16:53:34

Thank you to Mr Taylor I was thinking of the potholes where a few weeks ago they stopped filling the potholes in and stopped at the fire station Now they have got to come back and fill the rest of the holes which are far worse than the ones they have filled in. The potholes are far more dangerous than painting signpost Plus the lime trees need proper pruning. In the past large branches have fallen in the wind and one day there will be a accident The council has been informed about the trees on numerous occasions

Dean E
2023-08-10 09:04:17

Instead of painting sign posts, how about fixing the victorian lamp posts along New Road that have been out of order for years. Reported several times on Essex CC website but nothing happens. Like walking into a black hole at night!

2023-08-10 10:40:49

agree with Dean E fully. Of the 3 lamp posts in Old Road only one lights. First reaised reported some 3 years ago and although no actions were undertaken the report no longer exists to highlight the problem now.Local councelor was involved and walked the area also when approached for support. Essex County Council well well aware. The Post numbers are 4320 and 4449. Yes they are old lamp posts which can be converted since same type post 3243 has been recently but sadly that now doesent light. Its based on New Road has bus stop sign placed on it lives outside Church of Assumption. Post number 3242 on New Road does light with amber glow i guess this should also be converted. The good news is it remains as Dean points like walking into a black hole at night but its a black hole with thankfully the many deep pot holes filled in so well done Harlow Council. I believe Harlow Council may be considering raising the council tax this year by eleven pounds to extend keeping the street lights on at night during the coming winter months. I may consider not paying such a increase is this problem prevails

Peter Bailey
2023-08-10 17:17:03

Smoke and mirrors, they need to deal with the town, park, and roads first

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