Two arrested following arson attack on Harlow Mosque

Faith Matters / Wed 9th Aug 2023 at 11:42am

TWO people have been arrested as part of an investigation into an incident in Harberts Road, Harlow.

Emergency services were called to reports of a fire at Northbrooks Mosque shortly after 9.30pm last night, Tuesday 9 August 2023.

Thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries and the actions of firefighters meant damage was contained.

At this stage, the incident is being treated as racially aggravated arson and is being investigated by Harlow CID. 

Two teenage boys have been arrested on suspicion of arson and will be questioned throughout today.

As part of their response to that incident, there will be a significant policing presence in the area throughout today.

Chief Inspector Paul Austin, Harlow district commander, said: “I have personally been in consistent contact with faith and community leaders to ensure our communities feel they are safe and are being supported.

“There will continue to be a policing presence in the area throughout today and the coming days and I would encourage anyone who has any concerns to please speak with those officers; they are there to help and reassure you.”

We have taken a number of accounts from witnesses who have already come forward but we need anyone who has information on the incident to get in touch. 

You can let us know by submitting a report on our website or by using our online Live Chat service available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 10am-9pm.

Visit www.essex.police.uk/digital101 to find out more about our website reporting services.

Alternatively, you can call us on 101.

“Please cite incident 1253 of 8 August”.

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8 Comments for Two arrested following arson attack on Harlow Mosque:

2023-08-09 11:49:44

What is wrong with people?

james nicholson
2023-08-09 12:26:45

Absolutely vile. Imagine the uproar if muslim teens had set fire to a church or synagogue.

John M
2023-08-09 12:34:01

I'm afraid Steve that there is a significant proportion of people in Harlow and this country who to be blunt are racist and will be pleased to see this type of crime. I can only see things getting worse as our right wing Government stoke the fires of racism as we approach the next election as they used Brexit in previous elections.

2023-08-09 14:48:09

I'd like to invite the two boys to a mosque to show that the people they'd like to upset are willing to be hospitable and kind to them. They'll realise we mean no harm to anyone. God forgives and I hope these young boys are forgiven and given a chance to destroy their prejudice :)

2023-08-09 15:00:00

The people who did this are vile, as is anyone who supports or encourages them.

Mr. David
2023-08-09 15:47:02

Another fine example of the filth that walks the streets of what was once a fine town!!!

2023-08-09 18:11:06

A, I think that is the most impressive, compassionate and responsible post I have seen on this web site. Thank you

2023-08-10 15:57:35

Absolute idiots, thankfully no one injured or worse. What did they expect to achieve. Hope they get the punishment they deserve. And then they can look forward to their ruined lives.

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