Hospital waiting lists top 7.5 million for first time

General / Fri 11th Aug 2023 at 07:24am

THE waiting list for hospital treatment has topped 7.5 million people in England for the first time reports the BBC.

It means nearly one in seven of the population is on an NHS waiting list for routine treatment, including hip and knee operations.

The number hit 7.57 million at the end of June – up by 100,000 on the month before.

NHS England said strike action had had an impact – junior doctors walked out for three days during June.

That led to the cancellation of more than 100,000 appointments.

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12 Comments for Hospital waiting lists top 7.5 million for first time:

gary roberts
2023-08-11 08:56:26

You know when a government has nothing left to offer when after 13 years of public services cuts they blame the workers. Workers that have been at the heart of dealing with so many crises created primarily by this disgusting incompetence government. A government backed by Mr. Halfon who voted for those cuts. Would you vote for him again? I hope not!

gary roberts
2023-08-11 10:27:21

Read this and ask if £37,000 a year is enough for a person that would save your life and those of your family? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-66360656

2023-08-11 12:24:29

Far to many people here from everywhere else using our hospital,keep building all these new homes for loads more people to come and live here and all using our hospital,you dont even need a brain cell to work this one out. Whole country has become a joke,no wonder everyone wants to come here.I look forward to the comments.

2023-08-11 12:29:55

Your harlow why has my comment not been put on here please?

2023-08-11 12:30:32

My apologises.Thankyou.

Sally kemp
2023-08-11 13:56:49

Too many people here.

2023-08-11 14:12:52

Sally kemp,totaly agree and its just going to get worse with all the constant building of more homes.

2023-08-11 17:53:21

"using our hospital" - Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with this phrase? PAH (or any other health facility) is not "our hospital", but it is "all our hospital". PAH is the hospital for the Harlow area, but should we begrudge someone for Ware, Safron Waldon, or Chingford using it's facilities for some reason? Are we at the level where we deny health facilities just based on the town they come from? House building is required because of the housing crisis created by 13 years of inept Tory government. Waiting lists for health services are so high because of 13 years of inept Tory government. It is the Tories that are in power. If they can't accept responsibility for their (in)action then they need to call an GE now.

2023-08-11 18:35:51

Hugo you are clearly having a moan about my comment and when i say "our hospital" i dont mean the hospital belongs to harlow people and no one else can use it so that a bit silly to suggest isn't it. Also there is 5000+ people on the housing waiting list and many are harlow born and bred but all the new homes that are being built are going to bring outsiders in to the town and still no homes for Harlow people,all of them at some point wil no doubt use Harlow hospital, at so the waiting list gets longer and longer and our quality of life is affected. Thus country and town have become a joke.

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-12 09:34:32

You carnt even get an on line opiontment with your doctor. Now we are fed up and going to hospital on Monday,, we should not have to do this, this is clogging up the hospital. ..I agree with comments completely. We should be focusing on the people that needs homes here,, not thousands and thousands of unaffordable housing estates that no one can afford,, bringing more and more people here, is going to drain what services we have to breaking point,, if that's not happening all ready..

2023-08-12 14:54:02

Very well said Kim Oconnor.

David Forman
2023-08-14 09:52:12

Hugo makes a good point. Housing experts have pointed out that leaving housing supply in the hands of private developers is not going to supply enough houses, especially for those on low incomes. What developers understand is the rate of return on money utilised for investment. It is not just about making a profit, it is the percentage profit that is important (the higher the better). Therefore, restrictive practices like land banking come into play, along with overpaying for land to keep the small builders at bay and for use as an excuse to avoid affordable housing obligations. The House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs said in July 2016: "To achieve its target, the Government must recognise the inability of the private sector, as currently incentivised, to build the number of houses needed." Evidence submitted by the Construction Industry Council to the Lords Built Environment Committee’s inquiry into meeting housing demand (January 2022) said “it seems likely that 300,000 new homes each year is unachievable without direct government investment in social housing.” For both quotes see House of Commons Library publication dated 19 May 2023 at https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7671/

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