Large numbers sign Save Our Ticket Office Harlow petition

News / Sat 12th Aug 2023 at 07:07am

COMMUNITY campaign group, Save Our Ticket Office Harlow (Harlow SOTO) would like to thank the 1,473 people , in Harlow who have taken the time  to sign a petition against the closure of Harlow station’s ticket office.

Harlow Town Station ticket office is set to close under rail firms’ plans for the mass closure of England’s ticket offices. The consultation, which was due to close on Wednesday 26th July, has been extended to Friday 1st September after public outcry.  Local petitioning is set to continue until the  deadline .

Campaigners are concerned at how closures will impact passengers, and they are not alone. Harlow SOTO spokesperson, Mandy Jacobs, said: “It is overwhelming, just how valued ticket offices are. We have heard from so many people who have spoken of the money they have saved with the help of station staff, and the advice that they have been given on routes. People are not just being reluctant to ‘move with the times’; they have seen and refer to how often there is chaos caused by self-service checkouts in supermarkets, for example.

“While these proposals state that staff will simply come out of the office to help customers to use the machines, we believe that the service that they provide with their knowledge and experience is vital, and the changes are the first step to these roles being phased out. The proposals also include a reduction in the hours that staff are available.

“Ticket office staff enable many people to keep their independence so that they can travel alone. The reliance on machines will make this less possible.

“People are also aware that the railway companies are wanting to change pricing – making it more expensive to travel. For years, Harlow has experienced some of the most expensive rail prices. 

“As one person asked: ‘I just can’t believe they would actually shut the ticket offices. What is happening to this country?’

If you would like to take part in the consultation, visithttps://www.londontravelwatch.org.uk/greater-anglia-ticket-office-consultation/

Or https://act.newmode.net/action/trades-union-congress/save-your-greater-anglia-ticket-offices?fbclid=IwAR0t0ihDF-ZP14s24XwnkgUsp_aTa1aVTSmrKc5HOHdyq9iBp59UuAShDKA

Please also email Robert Halfon MP with your comments: [email protected]

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10 Comments for Large numbers sign Save Our Ticket Office Harlow petition:

Julie Payton
2023-08-12 11:52:47

As a regular disabled traveller- born in Harlow, and visiting family by train- a person to help with tickets and give advice is vital.

Julie Payton
2023-08-12 11:54:03

As a regular disabled traveller- born in Harlow, and visiting family by train- a person to help with tickets is very helpful

Julie Payton
2023-08-12 11:54:52

As a regular disabled traveller- born in Harlow, visiting family by train- do not close the ticket office please

N Gunning
2023-08-12 12:46:03

Excellent news. The short term saving will be a long term disaster. Ticket machines fail, accidents happen. The pattern is: close the ticket office and put a handful of staff on platforms for a month or two, then cuts until there's no one, and the station's virtually derelict. This is how BR was destroyed; the remnants are now being devastated. Rather than cutting prices and vying for your custom, they're cutting down services and selling assets to protect shareholders, many of whom aren't even paying taxes here!

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-12 18:52:24

This will be an awful decision. Especially to people who are disabled.. they say people will be on floor to assist... if that's the case why not leave them in the ticket office.

2023-08-13 08:40:46

It depends on the technology. Was seeing off family yesterday at Heathrow. Did the full check in and baggage dispatch all via the machines. Simple, efficient and quick. Even managed to secure an upgrade! Did not need to speak with anybody, even though staff were present. No queues, the Terminal was busy, but hardly any noise and no stress. Automation can be a blessing. No reason why it can't work for trains. We need to improve efficiency and use technology productively.

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-13 08:46:22

Margaret, that's all well and good, but there are thousands upon thousands of disabled people, and elderly people, who can not use technology.... this is a saving money thing pure and simple..we no thought s to theses people..

Mollie Clements
2023-08-13 10:45:45

Harlow ticket office is always busy and so helpful please don,t close.

Paul Deamer
2023-08-15 10:48:52

Yesterday I was at the ticket office, the queue was long with many disabled people needing assistance and advice on the best route for their required destination, which was helpfully given by the ticket office staff. How does the train company think the elderly and disabled people can travel anywhere without this assistance. Clearly they just don't care. WE ALL NEED HARLOW TICKET OFFICE TO STAY OPEN.

Jane Gyamfi-Sarkodie
2023-08-17 08:14:02

Louise at Harlow helped me make a huge saving on my ticket by taking the time to find me an alternative route (£40 instead of £112!!!). Please don’t close the ticket offices.

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