YH at Edinburgh Festival: Super is simply Super at the Pleasance Courtyard

Entertainment / Sat 12th Aug 2023 at 08:01am

YOUR HARLOW has always prided itself on the support of the arts. We also support our fellow independent newspapers. Putting both things together, we have travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to work alongside The Edinburgh Reporter.

THE secret to the success or otherwise of many fringe shows is pacing and timing. You have an hour in a stuffy dark room. Use it well.

Superb was a superb example of using all sixty minutes as it brought us into the world of actors on a Hollywood sidewalk dressed as superheroes posing for photos at a dollar a time.

The story is told as a series of interviews given to a local paper. The dialogue or testimony bounces between Rick and Cat.

It skilfully takes us along their story as they struggle to get the slightest foothold on the Hollywood ladder.

It never judges or patronises the characters. You have a fair idea that there are people out there doing this just now but they still have dreams.

The script by Matthew Radway is superb as it paints a picture of Hollywood, sharing condos, a line in Sharknado and weddings in Las Vegas.

Max Dowler is Batman and Charlie Vero-Martin is Catwoman. They both show great restraint and yet deliver two wonderful performances.

You have the feeling that Rick may live and die in LA,playing superheroes for a dime a photo but he is giving it a go. And he is hero for all that.


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