Harlow Council continues to roll out new smart bin installation

Communities / Tue 15th Aug 2023 at 10:43am

HARLOW Council has continued its rollout of new bins with the installation of a new type of bin for the town – ones that will self-compact and even thank you for putting your rubbish into them.

Back in May the council announced that it was installing 134 new bins around Harlow. As part of this project, 6 solar-powered bins that compact the litter, so they don’t need emptying as often, and email the council’s maintenance company, HTS, when they need emptying, have been installed.

These smart bins can be found at the Essex Outdoors centre and along the River Stort towpath, at the car park at the end of Minton Lane in Church Langley, Pollards Hatch and in the town centre. These are areas of heavy footfall, where bins need emptying several times a day. Three of the bins are moveable so can be used in other areas.

Harlow now has around 780 public litter bins. All litter bins are dual use meaning dog waste can be put in any litter bin, not just dog waste bins.

Commenting on the new bins, which also include internal fire extinguishers to tackle any burning items placed in them, Councillor Nicky Purse, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, said:

“These new bins really are as impressive as they sound. The technology contained within them means greater capacity for holding rubbish and less emptying is required, whereas before the bins in these areas would need emptying several times a day, as well as helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

“I visited a few of the sites where the bins have been installed with colleagues from HTS last Thursday (10 August) and they are already being well used and having a positive impact on these areas.

“With these new bins and the changes to working practices at HTS, we’re working hard to tackle litter in the town – and restore pride in Harlow.”

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11 Comments for Harlow Council continues to roll out new smart bin installation:

2023-08-15 11:44:01

This is a good roll out. It would be good if we could get some of the gum and cigarette butt bins that clip onto lamp posts, especially around bus stops and in the town centre. Where they've been installed in London there's been a big decrease in the amount of cigarette ends and chewing gum being dropped and I would have thought they'd be pretty cheap to get.

2023-08-15 15:45:28

It would be good to have working street lights along the cycle path in Coalport Close.

2023-08-15 19:11:46

Great to see the rollout of bins across the town. Unfortunately some people need an education program now on how to use them. Also I do question who thought it would be a good idea to place combined litter and dog toilet bins next to seats like the one near the park outside Latton Green School. Great place to sit and enjoy an ice cream while your kids play on the park.

Luke Burton
2023-08-16 06:18:16

Sounds like a good idea. I especially like the foot pedal.

Mollie Clements
2023-08-16 12:38:25

Well done Harlow your green areas always look great now you are introdusing these bins lots of councils need to copy you Sawbridgeworth is one of them bins not emptied till overflowing.

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-16 19:54:34

This is a good roll out.... But I do wish the bin men would stop dropping food all over place, rotting food and flys not a good mix.... just thought I'd mention.

2023-08-17 15:29:39

Poop bins so far and few between, the distance between them makes it hard for ppl with disabilities, to get to them, yes ppl take it home hand bin it, but what's the point if u can't get to them, we need more of these Google

James Trolliday
2023-08-17 17:19:15

No one cares about Coalport close.

2023-08-18 12:15:36

Brilliant idea, considering dog waste bins are being used for normal rubbish also that youngsters don't have a clue and are to lazy to carry their rubbish back home with them.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-08-19 09:38:06

For those thinking this is a good idea, will you still say this when I tell you that each bin costs apparently nearly £5000!

Not my King
2023-08-24 16:21:20

#Slum Lamp post number 7120 still flytipped with black bags despite clowncil and YH being asked to assist the community six weeks ago. Also #Slum Lamp post number 1183 has had a blue bag flytipped for five weeks. And why do we still have flytipped dead 2022 xmas trees about the #Slum that is Harlow? Oh dear.

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