Architect behind Sir Frederick Gibberd College left projects “over concerns with firm’s approach”

News / Fri 25th Aug 2023 at 01:28pm

THE architects practice behind two of the schools closed due to structural defects left the projects because of concerns it had with contractor Caledonian Modular, Building can reveal.

A representative from HLM and Stride Treglown said it developed a “number of concerns with Caledonian’s approach” as the projects progressed and parted ways with the firm as it was “unable to resolve [its] differences”.

One of those schools was Sir Frederick Gibberd College in Harlow.

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6 Comments for Architect behind Sir Frederick Gibberd College left projects “over concerns with firm’s approach”:

2023-08-25 13:52:28

What a disaster. You'd think that someone would have raised concerns long before things got to this stage. Also, that sign is dreadful. It's like something you'd get for a firm in the Pinnacles. Where's the 15ft high statue of Sir Freddie, waving the kids in and shouting robotically 'Welcome to my school, you useless oiks!'?

David Forman
2023-08-26 07:29:28

It appears in this case that the client is the builder Caledonian and their appointed architect HLM was supposed to do their bidding, but decided their good reputation as architects was too important and bailed out. Where was the oversight from the Department for Education, especially as three school build projects have failed and possibly more?

D Clark
2023-08-26 08:34:15

The question is, when the Architects pulled out, who was responsible for making sure the work was done as per the Architects plans, on large projects the Clerk of works would be employed by the Client to make sure the work was done correctly, now days the builder just runs riot over the work, and that just sums it up. Anything goes, I hope someone is going to look into who is responsible for this mess and that public money won't just be thrown at it. In the world of construction some qualified trades can self certify, some have trade cards but a builder, there is no qualification, anyone can be a builder.

Stephen Archer
2023-08-26 10:09:25

The DfE commissioned the school. The DfE is the Accountable Person (body) regarding building safety. Essex County Council is responsible for issuing the Building Completion Certificate. Where is this Certificate and who's name is on it? How SFGC could have been completed and handed over to the school AFTER problems with Caledonian Modular became apparent is shocking. DfE minister Nick Gibb says safety of pupils and staff is paramount, and so it should be, so how then did his Govt. manage to hand over a school which was unsafe? How does Mr Gibb answer Year 11 student Ronnie when he comments "It's been deemed unsafe but we've been in it for the last two years so it feels like it has jeopardised our health."

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-26 10:28:59

Last inspection on this school was 4 years back... there's lots of information that companies involved are not sharing, This is down to ECC, to collect information...people have a right to know, this could of been a lot worse.

2023-08-27 12:56:32

Dartington Primary School, Oxley Woods -----. Trada, BRE - not fit for purpose. Until we ditch the Building Regulations and adopt the IBC (Intrnational Building Code) These fiascos, fiascii? will continue.

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