Letter to Editor: The case of the strange metal stumps growing around Harlow

Politics / Sat 26th Aug 2023 at 11:08am

Dear Editor,

LAST year I treated myself to a three wheeled bike to ride around town. I wanted to see more of my town without the confines of a metal box on wheels.

I have really enjoyed seeing all the amazing sights and have been able to appreciate, I mean really appreciate how beautiful Harlow is.

It has been lovely being able to notice small things, like the wild flowers, the beautiful trees, and hedgerows and seeing things, I have never noticed before like all the sapling trees that Harlow Council have been planting around the town. 

As a qualified florist and horticulturalist, I love being able to name all the flora and fauna that I discover on my travels, but I have noticed a few ‘trees’ that have totally stumped me? Most of them appear to be of the same species with similar, grey slender trunks, but all have been planted in the most peculiar places close to the kerb edge on the road side or planted in the pavement and some are on roundabouts! They all have yellow and black tape wrapped around them though which seems strange?


I think most of them need watering and a support stake because they have started leaning over. I am afraid they might die. 

Has anybody else noticed these strange trees and can you please identify them for me because I am sure the RHS would need to be informed if they are new species.

Come on Harlow Council, if you or Essex CC are going to go to the trouble of planting these weird and wonderful trees for Harlow residents to enjoy, at least follow up on basic post planting care. 

Jennifer Steadman.

Bush Fair Green Party Candidate. 

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16 Comments for Letter to Editor: The case of the strange metal stumps growing around Harlow:

Not my King
2023-08-26 11:30:06

Bush Fair again eh? Good luck.

Jason Fryer
2023-08-26 12:05:19

Always wondered why these never get replaced after accidents to prevent further accidents due to it being darker.

Cllr James Griggs
2023-08-26 12:46:33

Jennifer, the issue of these ‘horticultural’ gems has been repeatedly raised by Cllr Chris Vince. Whilst Harlow Council does have responsibility for a limited number of them, the vast majority fall under the purview of Essex County Council. If you’ve time to waste you might try asking a local County Councillor to take up the issue, good luck with that!. Of course, they may just be hoping that new life will spring from these stumps and they may return to their former illuminating glory!

2023-08-26 17:37:56

To be fair, I am seeing a noticeable improvement in much of the town: wild flower beds, sponsored roundabouts, significant road and pothole repairs, grass cut regularly, broken signs being replaced, house repairs improving, etc. Yes there is much to do after years of decline, but I think things are changing for the better and credit should be given where due.

J. M. Gamble
2023-08-26 17:57:21

The Councillor is correct Essex County Council are responsible for both the stumps and the potholes. It is disappointing to hear him say good luck with that. As a Councillor I would expect him to have more respect . Surely as a Councillor he should be doing everything he can to put pressure on all concerned to get these things done. Representing Harlow residents with all their issues regardless of who is responsible. Road conditions in Harlow are dangerous and likely to cause damage our cars.

2023-08-26 18:48:00

Margaret you obviously don't go out very often or very far, other than that I would like to know the area of which you live as everywhere pretty much else is overgrown bushes,trees slapping you in the face, limbo dancing under low hanging branches of all sorts, very nasty bramble bushes that unless you take scissors out to cut these away or down then it's a visit to A & E of dangerous overgrown bushes, trees ,stinging nettles etc that are so big you dare not touch them for getting stung or scratch to a point of drawing blood, cobwebs on hedges branches & also having to do some pretty wide diversions to get from A to B on most estate visited. Yes grass is being cut regularly & wild flower beds look lovely but what about the rest of this jungle it's become. Hedge rows you can't see over as they are so high especially the plum bushes that give blue berries that make a spirit, most of these have got to be 15ft high no exaggeration so you can't see who or what is coming on the paths or the roads, trees don't look healthy either. Every thing in & about Harlow needs some long forgotten care & attention to pull this once lovely pretty town people wanted to come to.

2023-08-27 00:09:58

What I am delighted about is the police and patrol officers around the stow. Well done to the council for tackling antisocial behaviour.

2023-08-27 04:46:35

To be fair, local councillors will point the finger at ECC, because they have no answer. Always a get out clause as it really means I am on your side (sympathy vote) but don't want to do anything (I can't be bothered) it's ECC responsibilty ( passing the buck, not on my doorstep, thank you very much) then the H. Councillor will expect you to vote for you (emotional blackmail) But the metal poles, potholes, litter, ant social, drug and all the other social problems remain.

Ruth Brooks
2023-08-27 06:50:40

We have one outside 104 Ladyshot

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-27 10:04:40

Perhaps James Leppard is waiting to see if they will sprout, like all the trees this council have ripped up. 😂. James do you think HC can do any thing about theses eye sore s, or are you going to keep passing the buck.

David Forman
2023-08-27 11:40:05

Please don't worry Jennifer Steadman. The new horticultural science theory says that dead standing stumps aids the environment, especially insects and bug life. It also provides a habitat for drug dealers to stash supplies to avoid arrest by the police.

Bruce Downey
2023-08-28 15:17:15

Your metal box on wheels, you really mean your gas guzzler chelsea tractor.. environmental friendly……..not!

Punctuation Pedant
2023-08-28 16:22:27

Its ‘anything’ and ‘these eyesores’ #grammar

Jennifer Steadman
2023-08-28 21:51:22

Well spotted Mr Bruce Downey. I do indeed drive a landrover. She is 17years old & still only has 38,000 on the clock!

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-29 08:46:17

Punctuation pendant.... You managed to read it, all that matters.. .... init .

Mark Gough
2023-08-30 22:55:44

How very Green! A 17 year old Land Rover! Have you considered reporting them at all?

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