Letter to the Editor: Doughnut Economics and Harlow

Politics / Tue 29th Aug 2023 at 09:43am

Dear Editor,

DOUGHNUT Economics is a different way of looking at economics. Traditional economics is about money, Doughnut Economics is about people, how the economy works for us, the things that matter to ordinary peoples real lives.

The idea of the Doughnut is that nobody wants to be in the hole in the middle, the hole where you don’t have enough food, decent housing, decent transport, decent education, influence in the way things are done in our country, or town.

The outside edge of the Doughnut represents the world, can the Earth provide all the resources we need. There is growing evidence that with current ways of living, it can’t. Doughnut Economics is about thinking about how we can all thrive, at the same time living within the boundaries of what the Earth can provide.

This isn’t just some remote economic theory, there are dozens of ways we can change things around us to make our lives better while simultaneously using fewer resources.

For instance, creating community gardens. Harlow is unusual, perhaps unique, in that everyone has easy access to green space. Growing things is something parents and children can do together, and which builds community.

Community is good for physical and mental health, possibly the best thing one can do for healthy life expectancy is to join a community group. Growing things is good for physical and mental health. Food you grow yourself probably has more nutrients than shop bought food, is cheaper than shop bought food, has fewer transport miles, probably fewer artificial fertilisers, uses no plastic, potentially creates no waste.

A combination of war and global warming is already disrupting food supply chains, and it’s likely to get worse. It makes sense to be at least a little self sufficient.

This is something there is a demand for. Everywhere in the country demand for allotments exceeds supply, there are always long waiting lists. We could do this, we could improve our lives, take back a little bit of control. if we choose to.

Adam Osen

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