Temporary classrooms go up in the grounds of Sir Frederick Gibberd College

News / Tue 29th Aug 2023 at 08:20am

TEMPORARY classrooms are going up very quickly in the grounds of Sir Frederick Gibberd College.

Workmen have been in all over the Bank Holiday weekend to start erecting structures around the grounds of the Tendring Road site.

This follows the news that the buildings have had to shut due to safety concerns.

As you can see from the drone footage, a long temporary structure is in place alongside the astro turf sports pitches.

Last week, the school detailed the new starting arrangements for the different year groups.

Year 7 will start term from Wednesday, 6th September, and shall be educated in the short term at another of The Trust’s schools, Mark Hall Academy. A free bus service from the Sir Frederick Gibberd site will be provided.

Term for Years 8-11 shall start on the existing Sir Frederick Gibberd site during the week commencing 11th September. In the short term, the solution will be high quality aluminium- framed spaces. These will be a full suite of classrooms, with windows, carpeted floors, fully- functional IT, furniture and all the required educational resources. Toilets, catering, and a sports space will also be provided. We are sorry it is not possible to start term earlier for these year groups, but we are working at speed to execute a plan which works.

Our GCSE students will be transported by coach to other Harlow secondary schools for specialist science and DT subjects.

“The plan is to consolidate the full school community on-site in temporary accommodation buildings, from mid-November. The precise date will be communicated as the plan progresses”.

Drone footage courtesy of Frank O’Hare.

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6 Comments for Temporary classrooms go up in the grounds of Sir Frederick Gibberd College:

2023-08-29 08:54:46

Out of interest,why was passmores school knocked down in the first place please?

2023-08-29 11:45:02

Cp, that is a question I have been asking for some time. Apart from its worn out (😂) no real answer as yet. Why was it moved a couple of miles?

2023-08-29 12:20:50

And Passmores Academy placed on the Brays Grove site, carrying an inappropriate name. It would be the same if Mar Hall academy was called Netteswell. Stupid but some consultant or council official needed to justify being paid I suppose.

2023-08-30 15:16:46

I feel for the IT guys who have had to set up that IT suite... can guarantee they got a last-minute call to go in and move everything from the existing IT suites to these new tents, found the networking and power was not in place, and will still be expected to do the other work they do during the holidays!

2023-08-30 22:00:54

I think the old passmores contained asbestos As a parent of a child starting GCSE I worry that the children with struggle to concentrate with loads of building noice going on around them

Graham Ellis BEM MRICS
2023-08-31 09:14:35

How did this happen in the first place!? Was the building project signed off at Practical Completion, with a snagging list, prior to the start of the Making Good Defects period, in accordance with the Contract between the Contractor and Client? Were the identified defects attended to? Graham Ellis BEM MRICS Senior Partner, Graham Ellis Associates, Chartered Surveyors, Harlow

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