Large traveller camp move onto park at back of Berecroft

News / Thu 31st Aug 2023 at 07:55am

A LARGER traveller encampment has moved onto a football pitch in the Berecroft area of Harlow.

It appears that it arrived last night.

A large gate at the entrance to the Basketball court appears to be broken.

The have settled on a large area that includes a football pitch and areas popular with dog walkers.

The convoy comprises of over 25 caravans and cars.

Harlow Council has indicated to YH that they are aware of this unlawful incursion and will be taking necessary steps.

More follows.

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11 Comments for Large traveller camp move onto park at back of Berecroft:

2023-08-31 08:02:57

It's quite amazing that gates suddenly break prior to the arrival of a group of travellers, could there be a link?

2023-08-31 08:12:37

There was a link Paul but they broke it!

2023-08-31 08:29:15

Paul, they cut the padlock. An 80 year old male Berecroft caretaker tried to stop them accessing the field but was shoved aside. the Co Op shut early due to shop lifting from this camps residents.

John smith
2023-08-31 08:45:43

Seen them this morning weren’t happy

2023-08-31 09:01:30

Statement expected anytime from the MP, I'm sure he is working hard to get them off!! Councillor Swords another high vis opportunity.............

Guy Flegman
2023-08-31 09:52:05

Weld the gates shut so they can’t leave. They will soon beg to leave town if they cannot get off field with their vehicles.

2023-08-31 09:59:21

If they have committed criminal damage as appears to be the case, the police can evict them directly under the new laws. We need to block all potential sites to keep these awful people away from our town. I hope the council takes all necessary steps to have them removed as it has done recently.

2023-08-31 10:01:27

Phil, your comment is distasteful and clearly shows your sympathy to these awful trespassers.

2023-08-31 10:05:16

Just walked around the park & there’s human faeces & tissue everywhere, it’s absolutely disgusting 🤢! I hope the police move them on ASAP or this beautiful park will be turned into a dump😢 & no longer a place of tranquillity & nature for so local residents & the community!

2023-08-31 10:20:29

and everyone is so quick to judge people by there backgrounds and not there personality like cp said non travellers steal as well but you don’t say they should be hung and like lewis said it’s not the children fault it’s the parents for teaching them that way and there are two types of travellers bad one and good one they are all not the same!

Socialist worker Mike
2023-08-31 10:38:01

Cp is right. Why such a fuss? These travellers have rights too. These issues are part of the traveller culture. There are too many racists in Harlow. Each time they have pitched up recently, the Tory council has got the moved on. Harlow Labour should call the Tory council out this and support minority group rights. I remember years back when Essex County Council offered to close the Fern Hill Traveller site and the then Labour Council blocked it and kept the site there to this day. Labour needs to stand up in Harlow and defend basic rights.