Update on teaching arrangements for Harlow primary schools affected by concrete problems

News / Mon 4th Sep 2023 at 03:48pm

HERE are the latest updates on teaching arrangements for Harlow primary schools affected by concrete problems.

Katherines Primary Academy & Nursery:

  • Face to face learning will resume on Monday 11th September. 
  • The main block contains RAAC in the roof. There are two other ancillary areas – known as the annex and former caretaker’s facility that do not contain RAAC.
  • Nursery children (aged 3+) and KS1 pupils (age 5-7) will return to four classrooms within the annex/ caretaker space.
  • For the six KS2 classes (for pupils age 7-11), these will be relocated to other schools across Harlow within the NET Academy (two at Abbotsweld, two in Latton Green and two in Longwood). These classrooms will be exclusive to Katherines school and not shared with the host school.
  • Staff welfare and communal facilities have been requested and are anticipated to be delivered within temporary facilities from 11th September (subject to availability). 
  • Options for transport to the new schools locations are currently being considered by the school and will be communicated as soon as possible. 
  • In the longer term, Katherines is working to deliver temporary accommodation on the school site in modulars to ensure the whole school and staff community can be brought back together on site as soon as possible. 

Jerounds Primary School:

  • Face to face learning will resume this week as planned (Wednesday 6th September). 
  • RAAC is present within the kitchen and has had steel mitigation works already undertaken.
  • There is a very small area which has undetermined RAAC and is therefore continuing to be used until RAAC is confirmed.
  • This area is being surveyed immediately via Essex and will be removed from use if RAAC is present until mitigations are in place.

Harlowbury Primary

  • Face to face learning will resume slightly delayed on Monday 11th September.
  • RAAC is present throughout the school, however historic mitigation works have previously been undertaken.
  • A structural engineer visit is scheduled for Tuesday 5th September.
  • The school has carried out a visual inspection by a surveyor this morning, who, subject to a structural engineer’s review tomorrow, believes the building is safe to use. 

We are waiting to hear from Water Lane Primary Academy.

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8 Comments for Update on teaching arrangements for Harlow primary schools affected by concrete problems:

2023-09-04 16:38:55

What a mess. I know the staff will be bending over backwards to do all they can to stop the kids missing out, but it shouldn't have come to this.

2023-09-04 19:38:46

Harlowbury has not yet gave a start back date I went to the meeting today so don’t know where your information is from

2023-09-04 21:56:59

Omg! All parents out there, I shout out to you to do a “picket line” for your children.

David Forman
2023-09-05 07:29:56

This is what cost cutting and penny pinching leads to. Public services need to be properly funded and their buildings built to a high standard. Just look at the Victorian and Edwardian era schools that are still standing.

Harlowbury Parent
2023-09-05 07:30:12

Harlowbury was due to move into a new facility on Gilden Park at least a year ago - had the developers of the Gilden estate been made to keep their contractual agreement to build the school and community facilities...

2023-09-05 08:46:15

So what is wrong with the FGC Tendering Road? That school was opened 2 years ago, built in 2018 when RAAC was banned, banned in the 90's. Lot a fuss about nothing. Probably a leftie tactic to bring the Government down, because this country is run by the left now😠😠

2023-09-05 10:26:06

Ron, we quite literally have had a Tory government for the last 15 years. You sound delusional - seek help.

John hawkins
2023-09-05 12:48:19

Ron dont be stupid its good that they have reacted this goes back the Blairs time

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