Harlow Labour leader challenges MP Robert Halfon over safety in schools

News / Sat 9th Sep 2023 at 06:56am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour and their candidate at the next General Election is continuing to put pressure on Harlow MP Robert Halfon over safety in our local schools.

Chris Vince said: “Whilst nobody can be blamed for the failure of RAAC in our public buildings, questions must be asked about why the plans to replace it were so inadequate. The closure of schools in Harlow and across the country at incredibly short notice has caused chaos and uncertainty for pupils, parents and staff.

If the structural integrity of these buildings had only just come to light, last minute, emergency action was of course necessary. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that 
the dangerous nature of these buildings has been known about for some time and covered up.
In May of this year, Labour asked parliament to make public a report into the safety of school buildings. Harlow’s MP & Education Minister Mr Halfon, voted to keep the report secret. 

Perhaps the leaked comments of his fellow Conservative Minister that “we need to keep a lid on this for two years and then it will be somebody else’s problem” tells a damning tale.

So I challenge Mr Halfon to come out of hiding and give some straightforward answers to these questions.

1) Why did he vote to keep secret a report into the safety of school buildings in May?

2) What did that report say about the dangers to children from crumbling concrete?

3) Why did the department on which he is a Minister only ask for 200 schools to be rebuilt every year when experts were saying 400 were needed. And why did he say nothing when Mr Sunak budgeted for only 100 and then cut that to fifty?

4) Will he now support Labour’s call to make the May report public or will he intend to continue to try and keep it secret?

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5 Comments for Harlow Labour leader challenges MP Robert Halfon over safety in schools:

gary roberts
2023-09-09 08:48:13

You can exhaust this important subject but all these areas have been highlighted in previous articles. Perhaps the Labour party can outline how they will deal with these issues. Mr. Halfon is already discredited by this and other policy areas his government has implemented or indeed not. If the electorate do not understand that now they never will sadly!

2023-09-09 11:14:51

Actually Gary there is new material in that Mr Vince says. Evidence that the Mr Halfon voted in May to keep a report secret that would have given schools months more to prepare for mitigation measures. And Mr Vince's questions need answering. Why all the secrecy from Mr Halfon? What is he hiding?

2023-09-10 05:48:32

Hush hush Mr Halfron as always let some one else deal with the problem .!!!

Tony cast
2023-09-11 12:14:16

People cannot see what's in front of them... A cycle of inadequate materials being used by private companies whom financially influence public office to look elsewhere Asbestos Dodgy panels Dodgy concrete

2023-09-11 18:55:38

These schools have been a ticking time bomb from the word go. It was a Labour government that commisioned the building of schools that had a thirty year life span (rather short sighted to say the least). Since then it's been a case of pass the bomb to each subsequent government there after. Eventually the bomb would explode and it has. Put simply each and every subsequent government buried their heads in the sand and hoped it wouldn't explode on their watch. Our children's education and safety has been severely neglected by both parties over the years.

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