MP Robert Halfon speaks to residents, staff and volunteers across Harlow during a day of visits around the constituency. 

News / Fri 15th Sep 2023 at 05:10pm

HARLOW’S MP, Robert Halfon, spent the day in the constituency visiting nurseries, charities and speaking at the launch of Essex Construction Alliance which was held here in Harlow. In the morning, Mr Halfon went to Busy Bees nursery, the UK’s largest nursery group, followed by a visit to the Open Road centre to talk to the staff and volunteers about all the support they are giving to their clients.

In their new premises at the Derwent Centre, the team are working hard to ensure that all the support they provide to their clients is tailored to individual needs, including helping their clients find the right employment. Lastly, Mr Halfon spoke at the Essex Construction Alliance luanch about the importance of skills both nationally and locally, to climb the ladder of opportunity and ensure a pipeline of talent flows to the construction industry. 

Talking about the visits to Your Harlow Mr Halfon told this paper that: 

“It was wonderful to spend time in Harlow today to speak and visit with so many incredible and hardworking individuals. I first stopped at Busy Bees nursery this morning  to meet the remarkable staff and children and learn more about the fantastic work they do for our community.”

“I then went to the Open Road centre to visit the brilliant staff and volunteers to hear about their incredibly valuable work to support clients across the community, from prioritising links with mental health teams; ensuring their work is tailored to the individual’s needs; and helping their clients find the right employment.”

“I was also delighted to speak at the launch of the Essex Construction Alliance at the Harlow Civic Centre about the importance of skills and the ladder of opportunity which creates vocational pathways and a pipeline of talent for young people across the country to enter this vital industry. The construction sector is Essex’s powerhouse, driving economic prosperity for our county. It was great to see industry and public sector leaders coming together to tackle key challenges and learn more about the support the Government is providing to the builders, makers and creators in this important sector.”

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4 Comments for MP Robert Halfon speaks to residents, staff and volunteers across Harlow during a day of visits around the constituency. :

2023-09-15 18:32:16

Good to see Mr Halfon has come out of hiding. Perhaps he would now like to explain why he voted in May to keep secret a report into the condition of school buildings. Was it because, like another Conservative Minister admitted, they knew school buildings were unsafe but that if they could "keep a lid on it for a year or two it would be somebody else's problem?" Were our children put at risk? Could schools have been given more notice of the need to rebuild and refurbish thus avoiding the chaos at the start of this academic year? Come on Mr Halfon. Time to answer some questions.

David Forman
2023-09-16 07:57:36

Mark, same issue of RAAC with hospitals, court houses and other public buildings. It is a legacy of building as cheap as possible and using experimental building methods that are not proven over time. All governments have have done this. Time for a fundamental rethink of how we procure and manage major building contracts.

2023-09-16 09:50:02

David, all governments have built infrastructure using the new innovative methods of the time, asbestos, RAAC etc. The question is how do they react when and if things go wrong. This Conservative government had a report about the safety of school buildings in May, Mr Halfon and fellow Conservatives voted to keep that secret. We deserve to know why he did that. What were they hiding?

2023-09-16 14:30:52

The same reason he voted for raw sewage into our rivers and sea, to help his friends out.

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