Labour parliamentary candidate highlights growing NHS waiting lists in Harlow

News / Wed 20th Sep 2023 at 08:33am

THE LABOUR parliamentary candidate for Harlow, Chris Vince has expressed concerns at the growing NHS waiting lists under the Conservative government.

Chris Vince said: “The number of people waiting for NHS treatment has increased yet again as the Conservative Government has failed to meet targets for waiting list reductions.

Over 100,000 additional patients joined the list from June to July taking the total to a staggeringly deplorable 7.68m waiting for their treatment to begin.

Ambulance waiting times are regularly counted in hours rather than minutes, A&E waiting times often exceed 12hrs with 18hrs at PAH in Harlow being recorded just a few months ago.

Almost 390,000 people have been waiting over a year for their treatment to start despite The promises of this Conservative Government. One of Rishi Sunaks five pledges in January of this year was that “lists will fall and people will get the care they need more quickly”.

The reality could not be further from that pledge. The waiting list total is the highest since records began and has increased for the eighth consecutive month.

Labours Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting added: “For millions of patients across England, the NHS is no longer there for them when they need it.”

The Government, as usual, seeks to blame someone else for the situation, in this case those NHS staff who have been striking for better pay and conditions and, after being left behind for so long, have seen their real terms pay fall by up to 35% since 2008.

The Govt has it within its power to settle the dispute but instead responds by trying to legislate to remove the right to strike rather than sit down and negotiate with NHS unions.

None of this is the fault of NHS staff, they continue to deliver the best service they can in the face of woeful underfunding and abject indifference from the Conservative Government.

And where is Harlow’s MP in all of this? Yet again Mr Halfon is strangely silent unless he’s issuing another of his vacuous promises about the arrival of a new hospital for Harlow. He knows he’s failed Harlow residents in the same way as his government have failed the NHS.

Labour will always support the NHS and its workforce unlike the Conservative Govt who only seek to deflect their abject failure to properly fund it and blame everyone other than themselves.

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12 Comments for Labour parliamentary candidate highlights growing NHS waiting lists in Harlow:

David Forman
2023-09-20 08:58:12

Our Conservative government were responsible for a huge backlog in treatment before the pandemic. Official NHS England figures for February 2020 showed 4,423,348 people waiting for treatment. See NHS England data at https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/rtt-waiting-times/rtt-data-2019-20/&ved=2ahUKEwij2bGE6LiBAxWwW0EAHZ4RCDwQFnoECBwQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2b8SHJTHJ6yJkHNV8PYQ8-

David Forman
2023-09-20 09:13:13

Halfon must read the latest House of Commons Library research from July 2023. On page 4 it said: "The number of people on a waiting list for hospital treatment rose to a record of 7.5 million in May 2023. The waiting list rose consistently between 2012 and 2019 and has risen more quickly since early 2021. The 18-week treatment target has not been met since 2016. The number of people visiting A&E in June 2023 was similar to pre-pandemic levels. The percentage of patients waiting over 4 hours in hospital A&E rose consistently between 2015 and 2020. A new record high was reached in December 2022 but performance has subsequently improved slightly. The 62-day waiting time standard for cancer (measured from urgent GP referral to treatment) has not been met in recent years. Performance declined between 2013 and 2018. Since the pandemic it has fallen further, with 54.7% of patients waiting under 62 days for treatment in January 2023 (target: 85%)." See House of Commons report at https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7281/

Bruce Downey
2023-09-20 09:49:30

🥱 Due mainly to pandemic, ever increasing population and strikes.. 💤

David Forman
2023-09-20 10:31:55

Bruce, how does "Performance declined between 2013 and 2018" relate to the pandemic or strikes?

David Forman
2023-09-20 10:36:19

Sorry Bruce, forgot to say how does "The waiting list rose consistently between 2012 and 2019" relate to pandemic or strikes?

2023-09-20 11:06:05

We are far to overpopulated here now and this is what happens,we all suffer and its only going to get worse.

2023-09-20 12:45:12

For once and once only i agree with one point in what chris vince says in that promise sunak made about cutting waiting lists. Sunak knew at the time that this was an impossible ask, just as was stopping the boats, but he had to say something to appease his backbenchers as they only to well know that some will not get re-elected due to tory incoherent policies. However all this garbage we hear from these nhs strikers on a daily basis now is getting a bit boring. Their actions are costing the lives of patients. I have always understood that doctors had to take an oath to protect lives so my question is why are they knowingly killing people. No matter what political party you support you have to realise that all politicians are in it for themselves and it is about time that they listened to the people. The nhs is grossly overfunded and mismanaged to the extent that there is roughly a balance between medical and non-medical staffing levels which does not make any sense. Why does a hospital need a director of art work with a salary in excess of 100k.

gary roberts
2023-09-20 14:18:34

And your evidence Mr. Downey for your claims is? Didn't I see the exact same nonsense coming from Mr. Sunak last week and he couldn't back it up either.

2023-09-20 18:03:01

This dispute about pay will only get resolved when there is a negotiation on pay. The Conservative government refuses to sit down with the unions to discuss pay, because the Conservatives don't want the strikes to stop. They want to drive patients into private healthcare to realise their long-term ambition of destroying the NHS.

2023-09-20 18:29:05

NHS brought this on themselves closing down all non covid treatments, then striking as they want more money when the nation took massive damage to "save the NHS". Reality is the NHS is unsustainable, it is bad organised, staffed by the arrogant and god forbid you end up in their care they will try everything they can to kill you if you are older. No sympathy for the NHS or its workers massive sympathy for us all who have to pay for this utter abomination. Chris should be calling for its abolition

Kim Oconnor
2023-09-21 07:59:47

But labour won't say what they would put on table, for our nurse's,an doctor s. Why. Chris vince.?

Mark Gough
2023-09-22 12:56:38

Oh Chris, Chris, Chris! You really must stop leading with your chin! In Government between 1997-2010 your lot did more to privatise the NHS than any other Government in history! (So that's one in eye for you Mark and your Labour drivel!) The Labour Government signed the majority of the ridiculous PFI agreements leaving a large number of hospitals with massive debts. Furthermore, in Government Labour supported a cap of 7,500 on Medical School places and Nursing training when the need is ten times that. Tories recently raised these to 10,000! Big deal! Labour also opened the doors to massive uncontrolled immigration increasing the population and pressure on the NHS. All Labour did on waiting lists was distort clinical priorities by getting lots of ingrowing toe nails sorted, whilst more difficult operations had to wait. In addition we had the Stafford hospital disgrace and reports of Political targets distorting medical need. We had more managers than beds, contract cleaners and private hospital car parks. And to cap it all the ridiculous situation of the four hour a&e wait being achieved by taking wheels off trolleys so they could be defined as beds! So come on Chris! What you got next? Try looking at Reform UK policy - we actually have a plan to get rid of waiting lists! Mark Gough - Reform UK

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