Tories set to unveil plans for tougher benefit sanctions on those who “won’t even look for work”

News / Mon 2nd Oct 2023 at 07:12am

CONSERVATIVE chancellor of the exchequer, Jeremy Hunt is to unveil plans for tougher benefit restrictions on those who “won’t even look for work”, which could include measures to stop those who are persistently sanctioned from claiming reports The Guardian.

The chancellor will pledge new changes to the benefit sanction system in his speech to Conservative party conference on Monday, as the government looks to make savings on its welfare bill. He will also announce a move to an £11 an hour living wage, an increase from £10.42.

Hunt is already looking at holding down benefits below inflation, as pressure mounts on Rishi Sunak to make pre-election tax cuts and find areas where the Tories take a different approach from Labour.

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13 Comments for Tories set to unveil plans for tougher benefit sanctions on those who “won’t even look for work”:

David Forman
2023-10-02 08:20:24

The Disability News Service published a report last year that concluded: "Evidence stretching back more than a decade shows how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) repeatedly ignored recommendations to improve the safety of its disability benefits assessment system, leading to countless avoidable deaths of disabled claimants." As long ago as 2006 independent mental health professionals warned "work capability assessment was “deeply flawed” and would damage the health of many of those who were tested." All this led to suicides and premature deaths that even had coroners' verdicts mentioning the Work Capability Assessment as a key factor in those deaths. What the was the response of the Department for Work and Pensions? To ignore the findings and deliberately keep independent assessors of the benefits system in the dark. See DNS report at https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/the-department-for-work-and-pensions-deaths-cover-up-and-a-toxic-30-year-legacy/

2023-10-02 08:22:20

These sanctions already exist. Just another empty headline from inaction men Sunak and Hunt.

Guy Flegman
2023-10-02 09:53:48

It’s funny that we have a benefits system that seems to benefit those smart enough to work the system, yet is almost impossible to navigate by the people who actually need it. This I am sure will just make matters worse.

Luke Burton
2023-10-02 10:01:28

Gone full circle. Back to bashing benefit claimants again just like 13-years ago.

2023-10-02 11:49:09

Got to put tax up, our system needs funding now.

gary roberts
2023-10-02 12:04:35

If everything else fails lets have a go at people claiming benefits. Except of course those working full-time also claim benefits so another failure by this disgusting government. It started with Thatcher back in the 1980's where over three million people were unemployed. In Harlow the queue went from the "dole" office [now Whetherspoons] to halfway down Post Office walk. And if the minimum wage does go up to £11.16 next year it isn't the government paying it, it will be the companies footing the bill. I wonder if Mr. Halfon could live on that? Hopefully he will spending more time with his family by then drawing his massive gold plated former ministers' pension!

gary roberts
2023-10-02 14:35:51

Expect the return of the use of "scrounger", or "get on your bike" as we get closer to the next general election. Terms used by Thatcher and her party back in the 1980's. Sadly people decided to use it as pure derogatory garbage again today. It is disgraceful language and in the majority totally untrue. Anyone got a spare ticket to Vancouver?

David Forman
2023-10-02 15:53:41

The Welfare Conditionality Project (WCP) presented evidence to a parliamentary select committee in 2018 on benefit sanctions. Their research project on welfare conditionality (sanctions), over a five year period, was the largest ever conducted in the UK. It's key findings were: "Welfare conditionality in the form of benefit sanctions is routinely ineffective in facilitating people’s entry into, or progression within, the paid labour market over time. In contrast, appropriate personalised support is pivotal in triggering and sustaining such movements into paid work." The WCP is funded by the Economic & Social Research Council (a government funded public body) and used researchers from 6 UK universities. See their report at http://www.welfareconditionality.ac.uk/publications/evidence-to-benefit-sanctions-inquiry/

2023-10-02 17:02:43

The headline is about people who won't work. I am sure we have all heard stories about people refusing to work because they will lose benefits. It is about time that benefits were earned. So if you get £110 a week, whatever, and the minimum wage is £11.00 per hour then you work for 10 hours a week picking up rubbish, gardening or caring, something that benefits the community. I believe such work will create a feel good factor and make it easier for such people to get a full time job. And of course, if you don't like your 10 hour a week job then go and get a better job. In this respect training and learning new skills will have a massive part to play. If we kick out the scroungers we can better look after people who really need it

2023-10-02 18:25:23

Absolutely all in favour of ending benefits for those that seem to think it's a lifestyle choice, whilst we're at it let's deal with the "cash in hand" brigade also.

2023-10-02 18:46:44

Perhaps if the conservative MPs were to give up their second/third/fourth jobs as "consultants", some of those jobs can go to the long term unemployed. As for the "cash in hand brigade", how about dealing with those Tory MPs who attempt to avoid tax. Or those Tory MPs who screwed up the country then get paid £Ms for making a speech about it, as well as $100Ks of taxpayers money. And the myth of "lifestyle choice" continues. Is it a "lifestyle choice" to have to use food banks because of inept government rules? Is it a "lifestyle choice" to live in a mouldy home? This is yet another gimmick to appeal to Daily Heil readers and the type.

2023-10-02 18:47:47

At the same time they also plan to bully disabled people to find work by removing protection deemed severe risk to self, including if returning to work will cause people to commit suicide. Or if people are incontinent among other things. This is a government to fear, no one knows when they may end up in a position to have to rely on benefits to survive.

2023-10-02 20:25:43

Hey Hugo I guess you are also including the likes of Labours David Lammy and his almost £100k from his second job with LBC, or is it only those nasty Tories you dislike earning money

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