Harlow Labour leader calls for General Election after PM Rishi Sunak’s conference speech

News / Thu 5th Oct 2023 at 11:15am

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate, Chris Vince responds to Mr Sunak’s speech in an open letter to the Prime Minister, 

Dear Mr Sunak, in your speech today you called for change. Whilst I agree with you on that, I also have some news for you. The Conservatives have been in power for thirteen years. You are an MP for the Conservative party. I thought you might have known that as you have held two ministerial posts under Boris Johnson’s Conservative party and you are now the leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister. Perhaps you can be forgiven for this oversight  because, of course, nobody actually elected you to lead a government, not even your own party.

In your speech today you spoke about the need to take decisions for the long term, but immediately cut the biggest long term decision and investment the country has made for a decade. You scrapped HS2 and said every penny would go on other projects, but the Conservatives have lied so often about every area of delivery that only a fool would believe that.

You promised reform of A-levels to include extra Maths and English and extending school hours. But schools already can’t find enough Maths or English teachers to deliver the existing curriculum, and those teachers that remain face workloads that are already too great. Until these issues are solved your great announcement is just more pathetic, empty promises.

There was more pointless, empty rhetoric, but what I found really interesting was what you failed to mention.

Mortgages have gone up by £220 a month on average since the catastrophic Conservative budget of 2022, rents have soared too as a result. You proposed no solution.

Food prices have sky rocketed in the past year, as the cost of living goes through the roof. And energy bills this winter are set to increase. You offered no help.

Sewage was dumped into rivers and coastlines 824 times a day last year after your Conservative MPs, including Harlow’s MP Mr Halfon, voted to allow water companies to continue this disgusting practice in order to maximise profits. You didn’t promise to stop it.

National Health dentistry has all but disappeared for most people. Ambulance delays are the worst they have ever been.  Not worth a mention it seems.

You are threatening to break a manifesto commitment to maintain the pensions triple lock which would make millions of pensioners poorer in real terms. No apology from you.

School roofs and public buildings are in danger of collapse after your Conservative MPs, including Harlow’s MP Mr Halfon, voted to keep a report into the state of school buildings secret. No mention of this.

And you lead a party mired in sleaze, famous for awarding lucrative contracts to Conservative party members, the family of Conservative party members or donors to the Conservative party. All quiet on this front too.

Since you have been an MP the Conservative party have excelled at only two things, deceit and dishonesty. 

Mr Sunak you are completely out of touch with the lives of most people, you didn’t address their real concerns today. The only issue you appear to have listened to is that people are desperate for change.

However its not a change of Conservative leaders that people are clamouring for, but a complete change of government. Only when you and your crooked cabal of chancers are kicked out of office will real change be possible. You can easily deliver the change required by calling a general election now.

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20 Comments for Harlow Labour leader calls for General Election after PM Rishi Sunak’s conference speech:

gary roberts
2023-10-05 13:57:08

Cllr. Vince, your letter will I suspect be returned with a generic and worthless letter repeating the Conservatives five pledges. The Sunak speech did not contain anything new or radical just repeating the same old policies contained in their previous manifestos'. However, Starmer has binned the policies he was elected on so it is currently a score draw unless next week he provides policies that help the people in this country. The signs are not great. Indeed he is so timid as to be relying on the Conservatives to continue destroying themselves. So also send a letter to Starmer asking him to grow a pair and actually start producing a radical programme in the mould of the 2017 manifesto. If not five more years of this rubbish will continue with just a different colour badge!

Mark Gough
2023-10-05 14:59:51

Oh Chris Chris Chris! Can you and your lot do anything other than sit on the sidelines carping in the hope that nobody notices you offer nothing different! Not a single policy. Not one single thing. Is that because you are hoping the Country doesn't realise that what you offer is worse! More ULEZ, the Country at a 20 mph standstill like Labour Wales, crime through the roof like Khan's London, Brankruptcy like Labour Birmingham..... and so it's another LCO letter for you to sign and press release like a good little boy. Pathetic! Mark Gough - Reform UK

2023-10-05 22:51:39

Mark - Reform UK twisting the truth as usual >the Country at a 20 mph standstill like Labour Wales A projected 1 minute extra journey time on average is hardly a "standstill" >crime through the roof like Khan's London Violent crime has risen at a lower rate in London than in England as a whole. You know, under a Conservative government >Brankruptcy like Labour Birmingham The vast majority of Birmingham Council's shortfall was caused by equal pay claims dating back to a period where there was no overall majority of any party in the council. While you complain about problems under a hypothetical Labour government, the problems mentioned in this article are currently happening under a Conservative government.

2023-10-06 00:35:15

Labour leader calls for an election lol why what are you going to do nothing but keep the green taxes going on making us poor not able to heat homes drive car's . How about putting a tax on goods coming into the country from place like China Indonesia Malaysia India Brazil Pakistan as they are doing nothing to help with carbon emissions . Stop the doggy question for think tanks like you gov and zencity do you want clean air yes please ok we will ban cars

2023-10-06 01:19:21

Jamie are you for real , 20 mile speed limits only add one minute, Swansea has a duel road with 20 miles a hour speed limit its now a stand still , 1000 people were asked what they thought was a problem with road ect 112 people said speeding that's.00007 percent of the Wales adult population the question are loaded like in London do you want clean air yes please , but they don't tell you what they are going to do to get clean air IE no car's fifteen minutes community ect the labour party and the greens are bigger liers then the conservative party and they are bad stick your head back in the sand ⌛

2023-10-06 06:47:37

Chris Vince is right. Rishi Sunak keeps boasting about how well things are going, but the lived experience of so many people is increased poverty and hardship. Sunak is completely out of touch and needs to go. Time for real change, time for a general election.

2023-10-06 06:56:32

As bad as Sunak is Keir Starmer is certainly not the solution, he has no clear policies, he changes his mind daily on key policies, will ignore the 70% of Harlow residents who voted to leave the EU and try to get us back into the EU superstate, and his answer to overcrowded and crumbling schools is Supervised teeth brushing in school, yep that right!!

2023-10-06 07:14:36

I think Labour will certainly get my vote when a general election is announced, I see Chris Vince at every Harlow Town FC game, which shows me his passion for the town. Never ever see Robert Halfon attending games

James Leppard
2023-10-06 12:12:09

Mark, many councillors regularly attend Harlow rugby club matches, so your comment is completely unfounded. Also, since when is attending sports events a criterion for deciding one's suitability to be our representative in Westminster? Ridiculous.

Mark Gough
2023-10-06 12:18:55

Jamie - 17 murders in London this year! Wales is at a standstill and Birmingham is bankrupt? What is untrue about any of that? I also said no Labour alternative policies - and you Greens have no solutions either. I mean how was Brighton under your lot? I'm well aware things aren't great under the Tories, but if you want to provide an alternative you have to have policies! I'll be delighted to share Reform UK's alternatives properly after our Conference tomorrow! Feel free to look at our website! Mark Gough - Reform UK

Mark Gough
2023-10-06 12:23:12

Mark? Ingall? ex-Labour Leader of the Council? What a pair of unbiased posts! Chris Vince's record - Chelmsford 2015, 2017, Hertford and Stortford 2019, failed to get Colchester 2022 and now Harlow 2023 - he'll go anywhere that'll have him!

Davey D
2023-10-06 12:36:07

Sunak has been awful, the toolmaker's son will be equally terrible. Truss was the only one talking a vague bot of sense, but even then she made some large gaffes. I'm hopeful the Moster Raving Loony party will field a candidate in the next GE in Harlow, might be able to get some sense.

Guy Flegman
2023-10-06 13:23:24

Can’t trust anyone with 2 first names!

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-06 18:17:04

Mark Gouth, you must want this badly. Not the right way, and unnecessary.

Mark Gough
2023-10-07 00:03:27

What is it you don't like Kim? I know you Greens are quite close to Labour. But all I have posted is the truth. Chris has been round the Country seat hunting. Do you Greens or Labour have any alternatives, because it's easy to criticize and more difficult to actually lead. Politics is about opinions and debate and finding solutions to problems. Mark GouGh - Reform UK

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-07 09:10:38

Mark Gough, the fact that you have said the greens are quite close to Labour, just proves you don't really know much about us.

2023-10-07 20:15:43

Mark - what do you mean "You Greens"? I'm not a Green party member - great attention to detail there! Again - violent crime has risen at a lower rate in London than the rest of the country under Khan. You don't provide any evidence of "standstill" as a result of changes to the speed limits in part of Wales. Reform has nothing but buzzwards and culture war nonsense.

Mark Gough
2023-10-09 01:10:46

Okay - so you're the other Jamie. My apologies. It was difficult to tell. Try telling Londoners Crime has gone up slower in London, cos it's not felt on the streets by any Londoners I know. All the figures I have seen is violent crime and shoplifting is up. I have a large number of Welsh friends too and all that they are posting on Social Media is the place is a ridiculous traffic jam right now. We have no Culture War whatsoever - and I would be delighted to know what buzzwords we have, cos frankly even that's more than Labour have! And Kim if you are not close to Labour and the Lib.Dems why do have so many By Election candidate pacts? I notice two more posts, one each, and not a single alternative policy still.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-09 08:36:20

Mark Gough, I suggest you look up Green party polices, it's all there for you to see.. know your facts, instead of believing things that are posted on Internet.

Mark Gough
2023-10-09 23:58:22

Kim, I'd rather go to a comedy show. At these those jokes wouldn't ruin Brighton or anywhere else in the Country! 😉

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