Two men on a quad bike left with serious injuries following road traffic collision on Gilden Way in Old Harlow

News / Thu 5th Oct 2023 at 12:52pm

Update: From Essex Police

“There are no investigative updates on this collision, no arrests and the injuries of those involved are not deemed to be life-threatening or life-changing.

“There was no active pursuit in the lead up to the collision”.

Statement from Essex Police

We are appealing for witnesses following a serious collision in Harlow earlier today. 

Officers were called to the A1025 Gilden Way shortly after 12:30pm on Thursday, 5 October following reports of a serious collision involving a car and a quad bike. 

The two men on the quad bike have been taken to hospital with serious injuries. 

Those in the car, which was a Range Rover sustained minor injuries. 

This collision remains under investigation and we are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed anything or have any dashcam footage to contact us, quoting incident number 565 of 5 October. 

You can let us know by submitting a report online or by using our Live Chat service.

Live Chat is an online service available on our website Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 10am-9pm, where you can send and receive real-time direct messages with an online digital 101 operator.

To use the service, select the ‘Live Chat’ icon at the bottom right of your screen when you’re on our website. It can be accessed from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Alternatively you can call us on 101.

To find out more about the different reporting services visit our ‘Help Us Help You’ webpage. 

Statement from east of England Ambulance Service:

“Three ambulances, two rapid response vehicles, an ambulance officer vehicle and Essex and Herts Air Ambulance were called to the junction of Mulberry Green and Gilden Way (B183) Harlow this afternoon following reports of a serious road traffic collision. 

“Seven patients were assessed at the scene and three were transported by road ambulance to Princess Alexandra Hospital.

1445 hrs: Gilden Way remains closed from the new junction at Gilden Park (Old Oak Way) to the Mark Hall school roundabout.

It doesn’t appear if any diversions have been arranged but traffic was very busy on the side roads such as Churchgate Street, Hobbs Cross Road and around to Foster Street.

Essex Police: “We are currently on scene following a collision at Gilden Way in Harlow.

Officers were called shortly after 12:30pm today (5 October) following reports of a collision involving two vehicles.

“Gilden Way (A1025) is expected to remain closed until further notice and road users are advised to avoid the area due to building traffic”.

1330hrs: Gilden Way remains closed after a police incident.

See details below.

More follows.

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27 Comments for Two men on a quad bike left with serious injuries following road traffic collision on Gilden Way in Old Harlow:

2023-10-05 15:37:21

Still closed as of 1635. Accident involving a yellow range rover and a quad bike.

2023-10-05 16:59:43

Still closed at 17:40. Police saying roads and pathways shut but stopping no one from going down them before being told.

Jennifer Steadman
2023-10-05 17:03:26

And yet another accident at this junction!! The speed limit needs to be reduced to 30mph or forcibly upheld by speed cameras!! Where I live we can hear the traffic speeding down this road & when I'm cycling along Gilden way its terrifying & I'm on the path!! Parents with youngsters walking to & from school take their lives in their hands with the speeds these motorists travel! A lot arent doing 40mph that's for certain!! I pray that all concerned make full a recovery.

2023-10-05 17:13:45

Open now 1800 there’s a lot of wheel spin and doughnut marks down the road that wasn’t there this morning.. hmm I wonder where they come from… Should have been made a single lane. Vehicles fly up that road… very dangerous

Maria Maliszewski
2023-10-05 17:41:28

Even walking to cross at the traffic lights with two dogs is scary because of the speed some are going!

It was sadly only a matter of time
2023-10-05 17:57:37

Although I have sympathy for all of those that have been injured and hope they will be ok. How many times have people witnessed these dangerous riders of quad bikes and motorbikes? Sadly an accident was bound to happen at some point. Yes the driver of the Range Rover is also possibly at fault but those Police officers that were chasing them to try and stop these riders are now going to have some people that will lay the blame on the Police when they were only doing their job. I hope the families of those responsible will also not be putting blame on the Police or the driver of the car, as the riders of the quad bike need to take responsibility for their part in this. They were seen driving dangerously prior to be being chased by the police and do this all the time and now this happens. I hope this is a wake up call for the rest of the bike riders that cause problems across the town. I also truly hope all those involved recover from their injuries and the members of the public and Police officers that witnessed this awful accident will all be ok..

Arnold Thomas
2023-10-05 18:03:13

Agreed, Jennifer. We live opposite the traffic lights & it’s a race track. Constantly throughout the day motorbikes in particular seem to think it’s the start of an F1 race away from them. My partner emailed the council and requested speed cameras or some sort of traffic control but they sent some generic guff response. No doubt once someone is seriously injured they’ll pretend they care

Tracie Oliver
2023-10-05 18:24:03

Lets be sensible here from the position of the Range Rover etc you can see it was stupidity that caused the accident. Why do people always say put speed cameras up when something like this happens! its a 40mph limit and where the accident happened it where for years people could turn right coming from sheering but now they have to travel to Mark Hall round about to gain access to old Harlow so there try and defeat the system and cut around the bollards that are there! On a final note the layout of this complete road is wrong and to turn right in to Church Gate street you have to first turn left just like the round about near southern way in Harlow and there is always accidents there!

2023-10-05 18:57:13

STILL SHUT! The Police & Highways England couldn't run a bath between them. They need to look how other Countries do it😠😠😠

Polly B
2023-10-05 19:25:53

Didn’t want to be the first to leave a comment not knowing the circumstances but have to agree with all the messages re the speed on Gilden Way. We have to walk there now to pick up the 59 bus to Chelmsford and can’t believe the speed the traffic travels at. Last week I got the 59 from Gilden Way to our town centre. Had to take a call while I was waiting.The traffic noise was unbearable and I couldn’t hear a thing. I think people coming off junction 7a to Harlow still think they are on the motorway. It is dire. Something must be done. Think our Old Harlow councillors must come and sit at the bus stops to get the picture.

Linda M
2023-10-05 19:33:18

Need to go back to a normal/proper roundabout and whoever designed this layout needs to be certified and the big queues in the morning coming from Harlow Road and Churchgate Street are absolutely horrendous and all unnecessary!!

2023-10-05 19:46:38

The traffic during school drop off/pick up is horrendous! The lights don’t stay green for long and the traffic backs up the whole way down church gate street some days. They’ve over complicated the roundabout for sure! As for the speed, I think being a dual carriageway makes people think they can go much faster than 40. As for the few posts they’ve put out to stop the right turns, that was never going to fully solve the issue. Unfortunately some people do dangerous and stupid things regardless of speed limits.

2023-10-05 19:54:57

Unfortunately the roads are only going to get worse thanks to HGGT hell bent on developing all the surrounding areas without any proper consideration of traffic. That aside, there were clearly several factors leading to this incident, not least being the dangerous and reckless misuse of the road by two sets of road users

Charlotte S
2023-10-05 19:55:53

I’m sure this quad bike was driving dangerously round Hatfield Heath on Sunday around 5PM. Hope everyone involved is ok.

Linda M
2023-10-05 19:57:34

I think what they need to do regarding tailbacks in the morning at the Gilden Way /Churchgate Road roundabout is do away with the traffic light and put a “Give Way” sign there and that will release miles of traffic .What does everyone think of that suggestion?

2023-10-05 20:00:44

Linda M flatten the monstrosity that is Gilden Park for a start

2023-10-05 20:04:47

Here we go it's back to be being the new builds fault again somehow zzzzzzzzzz

2023-10-05 20:18:21

Silly me 1000 new homes on that road, that has no services or schools, has no impact on traffic.

2023-10-05 22:02:15

No such thing as a dangerous road,it's how we choose to use them, yet again the emergency services are left to clear up the mess, if the quad riders are who I think they are it was only a matter of time, who do I feel sorry for???? The first responders and the driver of the rr, sad but true.

2023-10-05 22:57:08

It wasn't the chaps on the quad bikes fault , the yellow range rover was doing a no right turn to go around the clearly marked big orange bollards to stop people turning right !!!!! The yellow range rover swung from the left hand lane across the road to do a right turn. It was then the quad hit between the centre of the drivers side . I see it all I was waiting at the junction as it happened in front of me !!!!! I can still hear the bang now ......

2023-10-05 23:22:24

Steve, there's going to be serious repercussions if that's the case, I've seen that the bollards have been installed, if they've still tried to turn right which is clearly the case I wouldn't want to be in the drivers shoes!!! Do you know if the quad bike riders were wearing helmets?? It's not a legal requirement on those things but I'd still be inclined to wear one, lethal machines.

2023-10-05 23:26:44

Steve, just seen the footage, clearly the car is in the wrong.

2023-10-05 23:40:50

Two people on a quad bike that not right did they have helmets on , they are meant to be driven by one person

2023-10-06 00:48:48

Michali, some are designed for two people, driver and passenger.

2023-10-06 00:55:08

I've seen tesco.com vans do an illegal right turn into gilden Park further up the road coming from the Sheering direction because they can't be bothered to drive the extra few hundred yards to the roundabout, these accidents are not the first and without doubt not the last.

2023-10-06 03:58:14

Yellow Range Rover....that's a crime for a start!

Both at fault
2023-10-06 05:45:46

It may have been the Range Rover in the wrong for doing the illegal turn but also the quad bike riders at fault. They were seen weaving in and out of cars and intimidating road users and have been seen doing this before in different areas. If they weren't doing anything illegal then they wouldn't have been trying to avoid being caught by the police. There may be footage but hopefully there will also be dashcam footage of what led up to this accident and the reason they were being pursued by police in the first place and with a bit of luck police will have their own video evidence. It's 50/50 here with the driver of the car and the 2 on the bike being at fault and yet again our amazing emergency services have to pick the pieces up