Harlow’s Chris Vince praises keynote speech by Sir Keir Starmer

News / Tue 10th Oct 2023 at 04:45pm

HARLOW Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate has praised his leader’s Keir Starmer’s conference speech.

Chris Vince said: “Today (10th of October) Labour leader Keir Starmer laid out his plan to get the country back on track after 13 years of Conservative incompetence and decline.

Starmer’s five missions will be the bedrock of Britain’s recovery, focusing on a stable economy, strong growth, reform of our NHS, keeping our streets and communities safe, a green energy revolution and building the homes that we need.

After listening to Starmers speech in Liverpool, Labour parliamentary candidate for Harlow and the villages Chris Vince said “Keir Starmer has shown that he is not only the Prime Minister the people of the UK need, in stark contrast to the party in Government, he also has a clear plan to tackle the cost of living crisis and ensure hard working families in Harlow have the future they deserve.”

For far too long the government have relied on short term ‘sticking plaster’ politics which have led to this cost of living crisis, with families across Harlow and the villages paying the price. They have now completely run out of ideas.

Keir’s speech today gave me hope for the future of our country and that there is a clear alternative to another five years of Conservative chaos.

“The policies outlined this week will ensure that we get Britain’s future back”

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10 Comments for Harlow’s Chris Vince praises keynote speech by Sir Keir Starmer:

Harlow Tourist Board
2023-10-10 17:07:26

Keir Starmer also stated that it was Labours target to build 1.5 million homes in the first 5 years of power should they be elected. Can Chris Vince please advise where the circa £225 Billion to build these houses is coming from, Mr Starmer forgot to mention this.

2023-10-10 18:39:35

Like most politicians what Starmer said should be taken with a very large pinch of salt, it's very easy to make pledges when at conference however the reality is very few are actually followed through to completion, Labour’s promise to scrap tuition fees was a core part of its manifestos in the 2017 and 2019 elections. But this wasn’t just a zombie policy Keir Starmer forgot to get rid of: he made it part of one of his key pledges while running to be leader in 2020. At Labour’s conference in 2022, Starmer promised to create a nationalised energy company, “Great British Energy”, within the first year of a Labour government. In March, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves confirmed the policy had been scrapped, As for the current party and it's promise to bring UKHSA to Harlow work on that site has ground to a halt As Robert M Gates said "Most governments lie to each other. That's the way business gets done." Meanwhile us voters get shafted

James Leppard
2023-10-10 19:43:18

I think it was last Thursday that Starmer stated that Labour would remove the charitable of independent schools, only to state on Saturday, that he wouldn't. Play it again , Keir!

2023-10-10 20:02:16

Harlow has a Tourist Board? Who knew! Cool. Perhaps the Tourist Board can say where they got the £225bn number from? Sounds like a made up number to me. I doubt a speech is the place where to go into detailed costing. Rich! certainly didn't in his speech. But then he just talked about culture wars stuff and cancelling projects. https://www.bigissue.com/news/housing/uk-housing-crisis-affordable-social-homes-ucl-study/ The Big Issue reports that more affordable and social housing could save taxpayers £1.5bn by slashing homelessness. I'm sure there will be plenty more Keir/Labour bashing. It wasn't that long ago, a Tory leader would just show up with unbrushed hair, waffle some Latin, forget how many kids he has, then hide in a fridge. Did anyone ask him where the £[made up number] to build a bridge between Scotland and the island of Ireland would come from?

2023-10-10 20:21:57

He is a prospective MP he is hardly going to say anything other. Look at how Robert Halfon also backs the government no matter what (until it becomes politically astute to do otherwise). Want to be a politician then you are going to be a yes man.

Harlow Tourist Board
2023-10-10 23:06:19

Hugo, with its green spaces, proliferation of public art, award winning architecture and an innumerable range of demolition sites, Harlow really is the number on tourist destination in the CM18 to CM20 area. In respect of the circa (sorry, I know you don't like Latin) £225 billion cost, this is building cost only. If you include land purchasing costs and associated infrastructure costs, this could quite easily double. Will this be funded by increasing the National Debt, increased taxation or will there be a national campaign to plant magic money trees?

2023-10-11 06:47:26

It must be very hard for the conservatives to Labour bash at the present time. The Tories have failed on immigration, law and order, housing, green polices and the economy not to mention the Brexit disaster. Time for change and there will be once Rishi has the courage to call a general election. We must remember since Boris we have had two unelected priministers

Guy Flegman
2023-10-11 11:16:50

I just earn a pound. Yippee, but hang on, the government wants 20p in tax. Ok so I have 80 pence, but hang on the gov wants another 11p for national insurance. Ok so I now have 69p. But hang on my employer takes off 13 pence for national insurance also so I now have 56p. So I spent my 56p and hang on I have to pay 20% vat, so I only got 44.8p really. Now for the rub, some one wants to introduce a wealth tax on whatever I spent my 44.8p on. Where do I get that money from without selling what ever I have bought. On a serious note the gov spend over 100% of GDP, so even if we are all taxed 100% it still won’t balance the books, so they think they will introduce a wealth tax to fill the gap, but this is the same as selling the family silver( or gold in Gordon browns case). Sooner or later there will be nothing left to tax and the whole state comes crashing down, which will bring untold suffering. Surely it would be better to have smaller state involvement until we can grow our economy to a point where we can afford all the wonderful state funded thing that our politicians want

gary roberts
2023-10-11 12:50:17

As Mr. Starmer has mentioned the greatest Labour government in its history perhaps he should outline what he will do in six years. The 1945 government led by the greatest leader of the 20th Century built a social structure worthy of its name with very little money. Will Starmer do the same: No. Why? Because he would need to fulfill the pledges to his membership in 2020. And that he will never do!

2023-10-11 21:45:11

Yes yes, just build more and more around Harlow, let Herts, Uttlesford, and the evil Empire of Epping off the hook for their own housing obligations … whilst still reaping the benefits of council tax etc etc .. we need an MP that will protect the town and not let these neighbouring councils flagrantly abuse their neighbour. It’s not a case of NIMBY… NAIMBY… not again in my back yard.. Who ever is our next MP should protect the town… Alas Not too hopeful either of the front runners have the guts to do so. Mr Vince’s article being a point in case..

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