Royal Mail delays: Harlow residents miss hospital letters and bills

News / Mon 16th Oct 2023 at 07:39am

HARLOW residents say they are missing bills and hospital appointments because of Royal Mail delays reports the BBC.

Some people in Harlow said they had not received post for up to four weeks.

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7 Comments for Royal Mail delays: Harlow residents miss hospital letters and bills:

2023-10-16 09:08:07

Another privatisation disaster.

2023-10-16 12:22:36

Trouble is these workers want more money for doing less......sack the lot and get people that want to work..... Nothing to do with privatisation.

Trevor PYLE
2023-10-16 15:41:31

Silly comment Paul. It really isn't anything to do with the workforce who have fought to stave off a decline in pay amd pension benefits. In reality the the privatised Post Office is losing £1 million per day. The letter market is very rapidly declining. The PO is shifting its focus to the more.lucrative parcels market and plan to shed 10,000 workers.

2023-10-16 18:10:59

Terrible service yet they keep uping the cost of stamps, first class stamps but certainly not first class service, waited weeks for a hospital appointment just to lose it because no confirmation received by a shit service, I'm in favour of sack em all.

Luke Burton
2023-10-16 22:38:01

Nothing short of an absolute disgrace. This could cost people's lives as they end up getting bumped off a hospital list or miss a vital hospital appointment. I say get the Royal Mail Group done for corporate manslaughter.

2023-10-17 10:28:34

The postmen and women deliver whatever letters and packages they are given on that day. They are not to blame. I'd suggest it's a staff or process issue in the chain before it gets to the front line delivery people. I like Royal Mail and hope it can improve & continue.

2023-10-17 15:41:52

I complained to RM because I received 3 weeks of mail on one day around 2 weeks ago, their response was we are changing the delivery area, such a lame excuse , they are focusing on parcels now rather than letters as parcels make more money, should be stripped of the word ROYAL as its been a shoody service for some years now.

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