Essex Conservatives set out a positive vision for growth in the Essex economy

News / Wed 18th Oct 2023 at 07:19am

ESSEX Conservatives have today put forward “an ambitious vision for promoting growth in the Essex Economy”.

At October’s Full Council Essex Conservatives welcomed news of national economic growth, which surpasses both France and Germany , and highlighted the many opportunities in Essex where the local economy has grown by an impressive £2.3 billion since 2010 and is set to have a further boost as a result of the Greater Essex Devolution deal which will bring in further investment in the county.

Essex Conservatives will build upon its success to date with targeted support for economic growth and by working to enable the right tools and support to help get more people into well-paid work. This will support the Conservative Council’s levelling-up ambitions by helping local people ‘reach for the stars’ and achieve their potential in employment. Indeed, evidence suggests that employment is the best pathway to a good life, which benefits an individual’s physical and mental health and well-being.

Essex has already led the way with the County’s vibrant and varied economy, in order to turbo charge it further the Council has called the Government to be bold and forward looking in discussions regarding the levers for sustainable economic growth across Essex and work with the Council to promote the newly announced Advanced British Standard, bringing together A-levels and T-levels to ensure practical and academic education post 16 are on an equal footing and young people understand the many opportunities for a career beyond the traditional university pathway.

Leader of Essex County Council, Councillor Kevin Bentley, “This is an exciting moment for Essex, we have an opportunity to promote further economic growth in our great county, working alongside Government. By levering in significant investment through the Greater Essex Devolution deal. Further to this we will continue with our nationally renowned levelling up work, where through targeted support we are helping local people reach their potential, crucially by supporting more residents into well-paid employment which sets the foundations for a happy, healthy and successful life.”

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1 Comment for Essex Conservatives set out a positive vision for growth in the Essex economy:

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-18 09:39:12

Levelling up for who, Levelling up for people who can afford it, not Levelling up for the thousands and thousands of people who carnt afford it, people who have been waiting years for a home... Levelling up is profit before Needs.. pure and simple. Not to mention all the destruction of green belt. .

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