Harlow residents invited to event to provide feedback on new 4.5km walking and cycling route

Communities / Wed 18th Oct 2023 at 01:09pm

ESSEX County Council has been awarded dedicated funding for walking and cycling route improvements in Harlow.

Before designs are drawn up, the council wants to ask residents who live and work nearby for feedback on a 4.5km route. This starts east of the Velizy Avenue roundabout and finishes at Sheering Road, passing along First Avenue/Mandela Avenue. 

The team will be at the Discover Harlow Hub in the Harvey Centre (ground floor next to The Works) on Monday 23 October 2023, from 11am to 4pm, to hear your feedback.

Residents can also visit bit.ly/3PO3OTW to fill in the survey before Wednesday 8 November.

Feedback will help the council understand what people think currently and what we need to consider as we plan the route. The proposed improvements will make the town safer, greener and healthier by giving residents a choice in how they travel.

Any questions or if you would like the survey posted to you in hard copy (printed) please contact [email protected].

The survey is open until Wednesday 8 November.

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31 Comments for Harlow residents invited to event to provide feedback on new 4.5km walking and cycling route:

2023-10-18 14:04:32

You need to sort the pavements out in the older housing estates in this town. Some of the pavements have needed to be fixed for many years. What a disgrace,money gets sent to here there and everywhere and we have asylim seekers in our hotels and everywhere,yet we cant even get the bloody pavements fixed. Its a disgrace.

David morton
2023-10-18 14:40:36

What's wrong with the cycle track network already in place around the town??? Fix the damm roads, fix what's broken instead of wasting more of our money on things we've managed to do without for all these years!!!!

2023-10-18 15:04:42

"Feedback will help the council understand what people think currently and what we need to consider as we plan the route" So you've already decided it's going to happen and decided the route so why try and whitewash it with a faux consultation? Have you forgotten you work for the people and not the other way around. Our current council seem to think consultation is a sweet in a christmas tin.

David morton
2023-10-18 15:06:37

Seamus spot on with that comment 👌

2023-10-18 17:28:25

As Seamus stated The role of a councillor is to serve and represent everyone in the ward that they are elected to (and not just those who voted for them) Not Serve themselves or tow the Party line

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-18 17:54:41

Seamus is correct, no matter what people think , your go a head and do it anyway. Over plans that people have been against, proves that fact. We pay you to sit on your thrones, so listen.

2023-10-18 18:40:36

Well said seamus and you are spot on.👍

2023-10-18 20:12:47

Fix it first road footpaths cycle ways, the survey has loaded question so the out come will be in favour of the plan that the council s have in mind , just look at Wales. 1000 people asked about road safety ,112 said speeding not drinking over 20 mph, The local government had this plan all along look at the company that did the survey who it belongs to , suspect as hell

2023-10-18 22:52:43

So if any person that has commented so far had received the letter from the council would know that it says quite clearly that "Essex County Council have been awarded.... And I quote... 'dedicated funding' for walking and cycling route improvements in Harlow. This is not Harlow funded but government funded to Essex council for those improvements. Think before you start spouting off about pavements and roads. Dedicated funding means it HAS to be used for that purpose and that purpose only. This is surely a good thing isn't it because that money is not able to be used for the purposes you are all spouting about and by using this money for that purpose means a large trunk of Harlow will actually have pavements fixed. Please understand what you are talking about before you comment.

2023-10-19 00:16:03

Dave Dave who do you work for . Don't fix what is not broken . Fix the road ect first . It's fifteenth minutes city time look at the survey s you gov, zencity, ect loaded question answer one way you have agreed to the way they what you to do it can be used to justify their plans

Ian G
2023-10-19 04:18:57

Yes let’s all walk down Mandela avenue and watch all the druggies sell there mess, I should know I used to be associated (not by choice) with these thugs

2023-10-19 08:06:45

Is the link to the survey correct having problems using it on my phone. Thanks

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-19 08:24:58

I'd like to add, why would cyclists use this. ?? Are you going to be able to turn of at any of sites on the way, example, church gate street, because at the moment you have to go right up to roundabout, the new estates opposite church gate, can go straight across, but cars have to go all the way to roundabout and come back again.. makes no sense... cyclists like to come away from traffic normally, preferring the back lanes in the countryside. I don't think this would be used, unless you live there. It's doesn't go any where, to motorway s.

2023-10-19 08:43:40

There is already a Cycling/Walking route from Park Hill Old Harlow, with routes through the Town Park connecting to first Avenue near the junction with Velizy Avenue . An extension from or near Park Hill down Gilden Way toward Sheering Road would complete the route. So most of the route is already covered but is in desperate need of repair and maintenance Which if I remember correctly monies for this were promised by Boris during the first lockdown, is that where the money for this is coming from?. Better to repair and maintain and incorporate existing routes rather than suffer months of disruption along First Avenue if a new route is built.

Michael Neale
2023-10-19 09:12:37

Well this makes me so annoyed the existing cycle tracks are in need of repair first,and so do potholes in the roads, yet this money can be found for something new, it's a joke it really is a joke

2023-10-19 09:27:01

So this money was found by Essex Council to make these lovely cycle routes that would be under used by the majority. This same council bodged road repairs around our town at god knows what expense. Momples Road as an example. Why not repair whats damaged first then put into place these grand plans later. Just saying.

Keith elliott.
2023-10-19 10:10:29

Just look how it's done in Holland walking tarmac one colour and At t TJ like you done at hospital and fire station hill where cycling and walking a real cross ING as cars to not stop and let you cross as it says now in highway code.

2023-10-19 10:43:30

I have a feeling that this is planned so that when the planning goes in for the new hospital site, Harlow council can say that there's already adequate pedestrian and cycle access to the site.

Paul Stephen Rumble
2023-10-19 11:58:58

The ‘cycle track’ running along Katherine’s Way and running into the pinnacles Behind the roundabout are in a shocking state of disrepair and tree roots lifting up. Most cyclists ride on the newer path. I complained to Harlow years ago and the response? Half of the tracks are under Essex, so complain to them. Shocking.

2023-10-19 12:25:41

Why wasn't it done when the road from Markhall down past churchgate st was all done more money & roadworks when will someone use there brain whfn building new housing estates do it all the first time round

Gary Marsh
2023-10-19 12:50:36

Nice to see the council has so much money to spare for this worthwhile cause, more cycling and good quality walking paths are a good thing, repair some of the existing ones properly too??, hopefully the money is not wasted on contractors who seem to spend more time standing around looking at their phones rather than actually working.

2023-10-19 13:34:47

I amconfused by your comment Dave,so you are saying that the pavements thst i have spouted off about will be fixed by Essex county council from the gOverments funding then? No?

2023-10-19 15:17:13

I don't quite understand why they have these consultations because they don't give a damm what the people of harlow I.e the ones who will be funding it through our taxes because they'll go ahead with it regardless.

2023-10-19 15:25:00

The link to the survey is this: https://consultations.essex.gov.uk/sustainable-travel-planning-team/harlow-walking-and-cycling-improvements-survey/consultation/intro/

Mr Grumpy
2023-10-19 16:34:17

Convenient that this takes place on a workday when a large number of people won't be able to attend and give feedback. I bet this deliberately arranged.

Keith elliott
2023-10-19 18:19:13

Great at last do not forget crossing points on greyhound rd and howed way because take no notice of new highway code that's for sure and make the walking park red tarmac and have a look how it's done right in Holland If Essex pedal power do it like they have done at jaywick we can have wind power lighting.and a lovely smooth cycling track at last

2023-10-19 18:50:30

I have to laugh at how this is worded.😆😆. Making the town safer,greener and healthier? You dont fool me at all,this town has been so overly built on and there is far to many people living here now that it is a disaster and the blnumber of vehicles is horrendous. We are losing our beautiful green spaces/ trees and wildlife every single day,because of this constant building. Harlow has been turned into a concrete jungle and i struggle to see how that is healthy? What a total disgrace. As humans we need space,lovely green space,not concrete. We hear so much about mental health and that will only get worse,there will be nowhere nice to get away from it all soon in this town,no nature just concrete. Shocking what a disgrace.

2023-10-20 07:34:00

Fix the road road infrastructure in this town first, nothing wrong with the cycle track layout that we already have. You already have the route planned, so what is the point?

2023-10-20 10:23:13

Quite right Ron. Look after those who pay for the roads so we have decent roads to drive on and not keep paying for repairs to our cars where they are constantly damaged.

2023-10-20 11:01:38

The uk, Essex and Harlow simply are hopeless with absolutely not a clue what "green and sustainable" means. The town was deliberately designed to have walking, cycling and bus routes at the heart the transport plan. Since then as car ownership ramped up transport switched to being totally carcentric. Holland, the Netherlands went through the same cycle and have hauled it back through applying a 5 principles policy, to develop highly successful and rational active transport & cycling routes plan. Harlow would be an ideal place to do the same, not only for the improvements such a policy brings to health but also to avoid the inevitable gridlock as the massive hggt house building programme totally overloads the town. Checkout Dutch Cycling Embassy Facebook.

2023-10-20 12:32:01

Always so good to know ridding Harlow of potholes is not at all a priority. Sure pedestrians and cyclists need to be looked after too but we can break our cars in the potholes every day forever no problem right?

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