Letter to Editor: Even more bad news for SFG pupils

Politics / Sat 21st Oct 2023 at 11:23am

Dear Editor,

COULD arrangements for pupils attending SFG get any more chaotic? Well yes they could, and they just have.

The debacle began in late August this year, when an announcement that the  start of the autumn term would be delayed because school buildings were dangerous, was made just days before the autumn term started. Then further delays to the start of term were announced, often with just a single days notice, making it impossible for parents to plan childcare or arrange time off work. 

Last week parents were told that the better quality temporary school buildings that had been promised for November were delayed. This meant that the very temporary ones, with inadequate  toilets, mildew on the ceiling and melting radiators would have to be used until the spring. We were also told that Year 7 would now be bussed to Mark Hall for the entire year.

Today, on the last day of the half term, with just a weeks notice, parents are told that the next half term would also be delayed. No definite start date has been given and pupils are warned that online learning (and we all know how disastrous that is) may have to continue on occasion throughout the winter. How can any parents plan care for their children when they do not know when term starts and when pupils may be sent home for online learning? 

And where is our MP Mr Halfon? Yes we see him popping up for photo opportunities, but he refuses to answer questions on this issue even though he works in the Department for Education which is responsible for this appalling state of affairs.

My children, and the other pupils that attend SFG deserve better. So Mr Halfon, it’s time you told your Conservative colleagues at the DfE,that they’re not “doing a effing good job” as they claim. Its time you apologised for the chaos and uncertainty that you are in part responsible for. And it’s long overdue for you to set out in clear, honest terms exactly what educational provision SFG students can expect and to ensure they get a fair crack at a decent education.

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6 Comments for Letter to Editor: Even more bad news for SFG pupils:

Year 7 parent
2023-10-21 18:18:19

My child is in year 7 being bussed to mark hall although I’m glad my daughter is in school the fact is I would rather her be apart of a school I feel my daughters year 7 are the forgotten year they are at the back of mark hall school they aren’t aloud to talk to them for me if they didn’t want any distractions and distributions for year 7 transition to secondary school they should maybe if put year 8 at mark hall and let SFG year 7 at the school they all thought they where going to. The teachers are all been great just a shame Our MP Robert halfron is nowhere to be seen unless there is a photo opportunity these kids are the future and your constituents if you can’t do anything or don’t want to be seen doing anything then step down and let’s elect someone who does give a crap about us the Harlow people x

Jonathan Vogel
2023-10-21 22:51:24

everything that council members are involved in turns to crap . If they were any good they would be entrepreneurs , but instead they become members of the council , but are still useless. Here is another example.

2023-10-21 23:51:30

This is so worrying our year 11 children are going to be struggling and stressed preparing for their GCSE . What are the Department of education going to do to help them.

Jeanette Nicholson
2023-10-22 19:57:02

It occurs to me that all the pupils of sfgc would be better off being transferred to other schools where their education can be settled and secure especially those who are preparing for exams, the school building is not going to be fixed anytime soon, and these kids deserve better than temporary classrooms.

Steven Harknett.
2023-10-24 18:15:11

Will SFG soon mean SHUT FOR GOOD?

Mr Angry
2023-10-26 19:26:24

Hafron to resign I say as he is a waste of time being Harlow MP. He never wants to sort things out hjr residents and needs to get a job with kodak then he can take as many photos of himself as he wants.

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